Two new books on caring for the poor

Two new books on caring for the poor July 11, 2011

Two new Newfrontiers books on the poor will be released at the TOAM Conference this coming week!

screen-shot-2011-06-02-at-0920542Embracing the Poor

This has been been written by an international Task Team of theologians and practitioners from Newfrontiers churches who worked together for two years to combine an understanding of the theology of the poor with ‘good practice’ in ministry.

Here is what I had to say about this book:
“Those who want to follow the apostollic mandate to ‘remember the poor’ will find in this book a series of helpful articles and testimonies from people who have been at the forefront of Newfrontiers efforts to demonstrate the love of God with the gospel in one hand and practical care in the other”.



screen-shot-2011-07-06-at-103756The Poor deserve the Best
“I have written this book from my passion to see ministry with the poor carried out to a high standard. It is a manual of Good Practice with three sections on 1) the Key Characteristics which should be included in a ministry, 2) Planning and 3) a Ministry Health Check. In this last section I have provided all the necessary tools to carry out such a check on your own ministries with the poor.

The final section provides examples from ministries around the world and across a range of sectors (education, health etc) which exhibit what I consider to be ‘good practice’.”

Nigel Ring


These two books complement one another and, during the conference, will be available together at a special combined price of £12.00!

Both books may be purchased here

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