Enfield pastor condemns weekend violence and offers help with clean-up

Enfield pastor condemns weekend violence and offers help with clean-up August 8, 2011


The leader of Enfield’s largest multi-cultural church has condemned the recent violence in Enfield and across London as “deplorable”.

Pastor Tope Koleoso stated:  “This seems to have been motivated more by greed and a desire to loot than any form of protest.   I am certain that people from outside our area caused the vast majority of the violence.”

Mr Koleoso heads up the team of pastors at Jubilee Church London, which meets at Cineworld in Enfield. He added: “As a leader of a multicultural church with members from different cultures and ethnicities, I am aware that the recent shooting in Tottenham was a trigger to the initial rioting, but urge all people to have patience as those events are investigated, and not to use them as an excuse for disorder.”

He said that he and other church members have been meeting with other local community leaders and some of the shop-owners who were seriously affected by the looting.

“Everyone we have spoken to is united in their condemnation of these events and support for the police as they work to maintain order.”

Jubilee Church is now offering a team of volunteers to serve any Enfield shop owner with clean up operations once they are allowed access, or the community in any other way.

Mr Koleoso explained: “Enfield is a peaceful area of London where black and white live alongside each other in harmony.  Our church is an expression of that where many nationalities worship together. We work with youth in the Enfield community and are involved in other outreach projects. Just hours before these events around 100 of our youth and adult members returned from a youth festival in Norwich where they had been contributing to social action projects.”

Anyone in need of such assistance should email Jubilee Church via the website at http://jubileechurchlondon.org.

Background:  Tope Koleoso is the lead pastor of Jubilee Church London, a multicultural church where people from over 40 nationalities worship together.  In 2005, Jubilee church London moved into Enfield Cineworld with 100 people. Since then the church has experienced remarkable growth, and over 1000 people gathered on Easter Sunday 2011.

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