Guest post by Lex Loizides

Guest post by Lex Loizides August 4, 2011

What Readers of Church History are interested in!

I’ve found it intriguing to note what posts are becoming more popular on The
Church History Blog
, as well as the often completely daft (and often highly entertaining) search terms that lead people there.

Here are the top 6 posts during the last quarter:

John Wesley and his Wife (part 2)
John Calvin and Martin Luther – some differences
Mary Slessor the ‘Mother of all Peoples’
John Wesley and his Wife (part 1)
The God Delusion Debate
John Wesley Tries to Find a Wife

The interest in how Wesley bungled his personal relationships has bumped a still highly popular post down to No.7, yes, you guessed it:

‘Lord make me pure but not yet!’ – Augustine’s wayward prayer!

For those who may be concerned that other aspects of church history are not being accessed by serious readers of the blog, be reassured.

In terms of all time favourites the following are still right up there:

The 18th Century Awakening in Europe and America
The Conversion of the Wesley Brothers
The Birth of Modern Revival – Puritan Preaching in Scotland
The Puritans and Sin
Calvin and the Doctrine of Election

Here are some of the craziest search terms. I won’t attempt suggesting which posts they got to:

• why are charismatics dancing in church now?
• flaming evangelist
• worms standing together
• stories of fist fights and brawls in church
• I am yours in 17th century speak
• actual photo of john Wesley
• shut up wesley
• 3rd century nuns what did they give up?
• songs by Lex about Calvin
• John Lennon had big forehead
• nails in church doors
• Jonathan Edwards flocks to Jesus Christ

Well, I hope if you visit the Church History Blog you’ll find some inspirational stories that will spur you on to love and good works. Enjoy!

Lex Loizides

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