Guest Post – Calling all Leaders

Guest Post – Calling all Leaders September 2, 2011

Calling All Leaders

Written by Curt McCutchan

Church leaders have an ongoing need for fresh inspiration in their active lives. As leaders we are constantly in need of renewed vision, training and equipping to lead others in new or better ways and rich times in God’s presence. Leaders also need good friendships that provide joy and strength to their hectic lives. It can be a challenge to find time and resources to get these accomplished.

The Equipped For Mission (EFM) Leadership Conference offered by Newfrontiers USA can be a real oasis for leaders to be envisioned and refreshed by God and other leaders. The conference takes place on September 29 – October 1 in St. Louis and will feature Terry Virgo and Ed Stetzer as keynote speakers.

Why come to EFM?

What makes EFM different from other church leadership conferences? First, you will hear some outstanding messages that are both inspiring and relevant to your life. Terry Virgo who founded the international family of churches called Newfrontiers is one of the outstanding patriarchs of our day. He is a father of a large movement and yet hasn’t lost momentum. He is a marvelous Bible expositor whose love for scripture, for Christ and for the mission of the church has only grown and matured over time. John Lanferman notes, “Terry’s messages are not only good teaching, they will connect with your heart and change your life.” Ed Stetzer is a missional church planter who brings information and tools that are culturally relevant for the church today. He will challenge leaders to get engaged in bringing the gospel into the real life of their community. He will stir church planters and will help established churches move toward a missional approach in all we do.

There will also be practical seminars to help leaders of all levels in serving people. Tim Chambers from Joplin, Mo. will discuss how to help people who are suffering and in crisis. Josh Kouri from Frontline Church in Oklahoma City (an Acts 29 church) will speak on how to bring the prophetic into your church and mission. Wendy Virgo will bring a strengthening teaching for the women.

The EFM conference is a “hands-on” opportunity to experience the Newfrontiers values of the Word and the Spirit. There will be rich times of worship and prayer along with the joy of meeting new and old friends over meals and at the Friday night dinner with its music and fun.

Established and up-in-coming leaders from any movement are invited to join us – you don’t need to already be a part of Newfrontiers to come to EFM. For more information or to register, click here for all the details.

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