Tech for the persecuted church

Tech for the persecuted church October 12, 2011

This article makes an interesting point about the unintended consequences of technology for the global church:

Recently I met with members of the Digital Bible Society. DBS specializes in collecting and distributing Bibles and theological material in closed countries. They distributed Chinese language materials 10 years ago on tens of thousands of CDs.Today the team at DBS prepares gigabytes of the Bible, Christian books, and videos like the Jesus film, and puts them on e-readers and microSD chips. Today’s Bible “distributor” can hide a microSD chip in a sock, bringing biblical material into highly dangerous countries.When I met with DBS and some other ministries, they showed me an incredible array of James Bond-like devices that people around the world are using to smuggle these materials to dark places.One man talked about being interrogated by secret police for meeting with people and giving them Bibles. Then, through a thick Arabic accent, he said to the group, “H.264 and EPUB are gifts from God.” I agree.1

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