Tweets from 2011-10-16

Tweets from 2011-10-16 October 16, 2011
  • Getting ready to preach at God Central Church in Harlow. Please pray for me and especially for salvation. #
  • @coxycambridge hi Andy. DM me your number and let's chat about it. in reply to coxycambridge #
"You ask a crucial but very old question: the problem of theodicy. I.e. how do ..."

A Violent Conversion
"So where is Jesus when people are blown apart in war, babies dying of starvation ..."

A Violent Conversion
"I was there the day he got saved. And I’m not sure if I heard ..."

A Violent Conversion
"His conversion wasn't violent, but shows that seeds of faith planted in our past can ..."

A Violent Conversion

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