The British Invaded 90% Of The World

The British Invaded 90% Of The World November 20, 2012

Joe Carter shared a fascinating study which has demonstrated that The British Have Invaded 90% Of The World. In other words, there are only 22 current nations who my forefathers have not invaded at some point in history. What is really interesting in my nation is that we don’t seem to know how to think or feel about our military interventions in years gone by.

By all accounts Germans remain fundamentally regretful and embarrassed of their past. The French on the other hand still celebrate Naopleon.  We are somewhere in the middle of this, and basically do not mention it much at all.

We are I think quietly embarrassed, and rightly so for all the abuses of the empire. But at the same time, the empire was only possible because of the remarkable Industrial Revolution that began in our land and the benefits to mankind of those radical changes are still being felt today. I am sure that contemporary justifications for Imperial Aggression would have been about spreading progress. Arguably some American corporations have waged Economic Warfare on the rest of the world in a way that is every bit as brutal if not as violent.

I suppose that our history is what it is, and perhaps it does give the British people a unique responsibility, whatever our forefathers may have done (at times for good and at other times for evil), to ensure that in the 21st Century we are a blessing to every nation in the world.  I am pleased, for example, that we have roughly a quarter of all the world’s nations represented in the church I attend here in London.  May we bless them, and as many come to our land from all over the globe, may many go forth to the ends of the earth with the gospel, and resources to help bring about genuine progress that will benefit the peoples of all almost 200 nations rather than merely shareholders back in the West.



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  • Jake

    Maybe it is only me — but when I get your post,
    it is in giant print and the only way I can read it is to put it
    through “print preview” and set the size to a readable size. But it
    also crops off the last letters or words of every single line and no
    matter what size I set the font on, the last letters or words are still
    lost. Your web site is the only place (so far) I have encountered this
    problem and I don’t know how to fix it. On other sites, if my right
    margin cuts off letters or words, changing it to a smaller sized font
    is all it takes. But on your site, it doesn’t help at all. Maybe you do
    not know any more than me as to how it can be fixed, but I thought
    I would at least tell you about the problem in case you did not know
    you had one. I use Firefox in case that has something to do with things.
    I enjoy your posts. You don’t need to post this comment on your site. It
    was just written FYI. Carry on and God bless!
    one — or maybe it is my computer and no one else is affected.

  • Lauren

    Well, in terms of blessings, you guys have done a good job so far (Shrtlock, Doctor Who, etc.). As a member of one of your former colonies, though, it was pretty hard not to giggle.

  • Lauren


  • Loo

    Nah, I would count this as a great thing, really – and it is my foremothers too, not just yours. First, it was women and children, little, little children at that, working in the mines. It was highly unjust. Families lost their land and means of extra earnings and became entirely wage dependant. The family plot could grow vegetables, but once they uprooted into the towns they were crammed into small homes with little to no yard. It was on the backs of the poorer children that Britain rose. God doesn’t count that as righteous and a ill-gotten blessing is not from God.

    The U.S. followed suit and that map is a better description of the US than England – I mean back in colonial days England attempted to invade and occupy Afghanistan, but it was an abysmal failure and hardly worth putting on a map. Makes me wonder about countries like Brazil. Today the US is the world dominator, and it rose on the backs of stolen people – slaves. So, again, ill-gotten gain in God’s terms.

    I am sure it will be China next, and it will be some persecuted group there. But it isn’t like one can go back in time and repay all the victims. Better to use this as a tool to figure out where we went so wrong. Bringing the Industrial Revolution to other peoples is fast becoming disastrous for them and the world. We are facing water shortages (fresh water), material shortages, oil demand, pollution and keeping a group of poorer people as indentured labourers to secure cheap material items. Then, we have too much stuff. What happens when the price of food or water goes so high superfluous items cease to be affordable? More global collapse.