My blog comment policy

My blog comment policy July 20, 2013

Every now and then as I have multiple responsibilities, I find it helpful to lay aside at least one of those things. I find it can feel like a holiday even if I continue other tasks. Also, for bloggers and others who are at least to some degree in the public eye, comments, tweets, and Facebook updates hold a particular danger.  It is possible to become addicted to checking your comments and to interacting. It is healthy therefore to try to disengage from this from time to time and make sure that your identity is not found in how many people have interacted with you.

I will therefore very shortly be taking an extended break for the next from engaging with my blog’s comment section. There will be  pre-scheduled articles which will appear several times per week throughout this period, however.  On Twitter and Facebook only prescheduled status updates will occur to point towards those posts.

My blog comments section will remain open however, and will be moderated by others during my absence.  So I thought this is a good time to formalize my blog comments policy.  As always I am open to suggestions or improvements on this, and will keep an eye on this during this weekend in case I need to tweak it.

Adrian Warnock’s Blog Comment Policy 

  1. All comments should have a respectful tone, and deal with principles rather than accusing people.  So, “I think that idea is wrong, because…” is acceptable but “Obviously you can’t be a Christian if you think that…” is not.
  2. No accusatory remarks of any kind. This includes anything that could be construed as harassing, threatening, libelous, slanderous, offensive, abusive, or defamatory, even if there is good evidence that the comment may be true.
  3. No comments that violate common decency (including rude and/or offensive language) and/or which either may break any law, or encourage others to break any law, including intellectual property laws.
  4. No spam: i.e. no promotion of items unrelated to the subject of the post.  However, Links to resources that are related to the subject of the post are welcomed including to your own material.
  5.  No material that is in any way sexually suggestive.
  6.  By commenting on this blog you agree that 
    • You retain ownership of your comments and are solely liable for any results of your comments
    • You grant me a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exculsive and royalty-free license to publish your comments in any format.
    • I reserve the right to delete or edit your comments without any explanation (edited comments will be marked as such and such edits will only constitute removing material believed to be incompatible with this comment policy)
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