Strange Fire: Radio MP3 and Questions for cessationists

Strange Fire: Radio MP3 and Questions for cessationists October 22, 2013

The MP3 of the radio chat I had yesterday is available. It is in two segments Michael Brown speaks first to Phil Johnson and then to myself and Sam Storms. I think that it should make interesting reading.

During the chat I posed four questions for cessationists that I think help to determine whether you are a moderate cessationist, or one who doesn’t accept any experiences of God as valid. I explain in my book that a vibrant sense of a relationship with God was once very broadly accepted. Today this is less the case.

1. Are experiences of God (eg “my heart was strangely warmed”) and/or the kind of “prophetic” utterances Spurgeon experienced during some of his sermons ever acceptable?
2. Are such things ever acceptable for us today or are they only acceptable for a special few?
3. Is it accpetable to persue such things as part of your relationship with Jesus?
4. Does it really matter what we call such things? And if so, wouldn’t it be better to use biblical language?

The fifth question is: do you think it is OK for MacArthur and co to state that most charismatics are not believers and that their experiences are often demonic? Of course I think that is very much isn’t !

I thought I would also share a few tweets from the Twitter conversation we had afterwards, where Phil and I seemed to be talking past each other. I’d love to have a head to head with Phil on this subject and there is an open invitation to him on that.

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