300 Leaders: Rice Broocks on Evangelism and the Evangelist: Session 1

300 Leaders: Rice Broocks on Evangelism and the Evangelist: Session 1 April 29, 2015

My friend Rice Broocks spoke at 300 leaders last year, and I haven’t yet shared the sessions here. I encourage you to watch these important talks which address the vital place of evangelism in the modern church, and the missing gift of the Evangelist. Here is the first session:


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  • Jon Stewart

    I find Dr Broocks evangelism to be transactional and legal. I find this framing of the gospel inspires the same cynicism we all have for our own monetary and legal systems–corrupt and contrived. Sin is not a legal problem! I wish it was that simple! I’d get a lawyer, expert in the rules. 🙂 IMO this is the 4 spiritual laws rewrapped. Life’s messy. Life requires relationship, walking together through good and bad.

    Gen 3. Life. Walking with God. God gives a choice. Choice is good! Out of the multitude of trees in the garden, “eating from this one tree will be deadly.” Adam and Eve chose the one, the death, which rended creation to the core. That’s not transactional. That’s relational, messy. That’s life and death. That’s why Jesus’ death was important. He is (eternal) life. Death can take/drain life but it cannot give life. Jesus can eternally, without end.

    Dr. Broock doesn’t once mention the Spirit (only “gifts”). That’s a hole I find astounding since for me the Spirit is vital. Absolutely Jesus is the center, provides life, but how then is life fulfilling? Sin solved. Then what? There’s a reason Pentecost came immediately after Jesus death/resurrection/ascension. I’d emphasize that being able to live that message (service, love, worship, etc) is as important as the message. I’m not able without the Spirit!

    Sorry trying to get my concept across in few words. Take this for what it’s worth, I’m just a guy. I’ve no multi-site church with 1,000s of members but I disagree with his tack. 🙂 Your point is the missing emphasis on evangelism (Gospel message). I’m not disagreeing at all with his content, evangelism is important, but with his framing of the gospel. I think “must be a gospel expert” is modernist and unconvincing. But eternal God willing to walk with me despite my faults and give me life, inspiring.

    Caveat: I’ve only watched this one session.