A violent conversion

A violent conversion April 2, 2019

His father lost to suicide, Leo turned to London youth drug culture. Jesus had a different plan, and suddenly interrupted his life.

Instead of a journey that might have ended in prison or worse, Leo is now the Youth Pastor at Jubilee Church London.

You can watch Leo’s story in the video below.

Today there is much concern about knife crime, drugs, and gangs. Jesus and His Church can totally turn lives upside down.

It is a story told over and over again.

Where there are no prospects, Jesus gives hope. Where there is violence, Jesus brings Peace. Where there is anger, Jesus grants forgiveness. Where there is only despair, Jesus causes joy to overflow. Where there is alienation, Jesus loves. To the gang member, Jesus offers true family in His Church.

This video tells the story of my good friend Leo Powell, how he wandered far from God, and how the Good Shepherd went looking for him and called him home.

This testimony will move your heart. I encourage you to watch it, share it with your friends, and consider showing it to your Youth Group.

Leo’s testimony was produced by my son Henry Warnock and his friend Noah Manyumbu.

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