Have no FEAR! HE is here!

Have no FEAR! HE is here! September 8, 2019

Spiritual struggle and affliction is all over the Bible. Such wrestling is not complete in an instant, it can take decades.

The journey is not only about the destination. No shortcut replaces the long fight, victories and defeats en route. How can we better help fellow travellers?

There are many answers to that question, but I want to share some thoughts today that lead really to the ultimate answer. The one the ancient sufferer Job finally got when he met God.

Sometimes along the journey of life a sudden dramatic change happens which shakes you to your very foundation. You feel you will never find a way back to that safe place where you felt you understood everything.  And when the future seemed certain and secure. 

But you are not God and that’s one of the key lessons to learn! If you finally realise you are not God, that should be liberating: you don’t have to know all the answers, you can’t predict the future, you can’t guarantee what you want will happen, you can’t even save yourself left alone the World. You let people down and disappoint. It’s OK!

Is your faith in your ability to be “positive” ie in faith itself? Or is it in the God your puny brain can never understand?

Is God a slot machine to provide good things for you? Or do you really trust him to do you good no matter what? Is your hope only for now or for eternity?

Are you still pretending you are a “perfect Christian”,  putting on a plastic smile on Sunday? Or have you thrown away the mask to be authentic, and walk the long road which leads to glory via detours of pain and struggling?

Don’t give up! You are NOT alone!

You walk the same journey as many others and you walk it WITH HIM!

THIS. This is what makes all the difference. HE brings hope into our anguish, bravery alongside our fear,  joy even in our sorrow


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