Be still and know – a meditation track

Be still and know – a meditation track October 31, 2019

This is a meditation based on Psalms‬ ‭46:10-11‬ You can hear it read above via Spotify or on other podcast tools.

Be still,
And Know,
That I am God.
Sit down,
Or even lie down.
Rest a while,
Be still.

Or, as you calm your mind,
Come walk with me.

Unplug the internet,
Come meet with me.

Put down your phone,
Gaze upon my throne.

And as we wander together,
Just as I did with your first parents,
In the cool of the day.

Let your eyes feast,
On my grass,
My flowers,
My trees,
My sky,
My rivers,
My oceans,
My mountains,
My valleys.

My sun warms you,
My love softening your heart.

My wind cools you,
My breath in your lungs.

Sweep away dusty cobwebs,
As you breathe,
In and Out.
My Spirit filling you,
Your stress leaving you.

Notice the force and pressure,
Connecting you with the ground beneath.
Feel the way your body is supported.
Gravity pulls you down.
The Earth pushes you up.
You cannot fall.
By my design.

I will never let you down.
I lifted you from sinking sand.
I placed you on the Rock,
which is higher than you.
I am your refuge,
Your stronghold,
Your salvation.
It is my arms that hold you,
Nobody can snatch you away.

And as you are still before me,
Know who you are,
Know who I am.

I am God.
You are not.

Still your restless mind.
As worries arise,
Just let them just pass by.
As you turn your your gaze to me.

Give your fears to me,
Because I care for you.

My peace that defies understanding,
Enveloping you in my love.

Are you feeling low?
I know your pain,
I carried your griefs.
Yet in your sadness,
Let my joy spark bringing life.

The joy of community,
Eternity past to eternity future.
Springing up abundantly,
Love of the Trinity,
Now poured out to you.

My joy will be your strength,
It will never be extinguished,
No matter how much sorrow you face.

Slow down your hurry,
Let your frustration be still.
My peace lasts for eternity.
One day,
I will make all things new.
Let hope bubble like a fountain,
No more pain!
No more suffering!
No more separation!
In just a little while,
You will see me face to face.
All questions will evaporate,
As you bathe in my eternal glory.

But till that day,
Your problems are my problems,
Your sicknesses are mine to heal.
Him who knew no sin became sin for you.
I carried them all in my body.
Broken for you,
Raised again for you.
Enthroned on high,
Ruling on high,
Turning everything,
Yes everything,
Around for good.
For those who love me,
Those I have called,
To be with me,
For eternity.
And even now,
I will be exalted,
In all the Earth.
That includes you,
And those you love.

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