Jesus gave his blood. Will you?

Jesus gave his blood. Will you? June 5, 2020

Three ways to save a life

1. donate blood     2. Donate Stem Cells     3. Donate your covid19 antibodies

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One day I might need someone else’s blood to be given to me so I can live. Actually so might you.

When we take communion we remember the death of our Lord and in some mysterious way we take his blood into us. His blood was shed for us not in part, but in its entirety.  He gave his whole life. His blood washes us from all our sins. It heals us from all our diseases. It is our guarantee of eternal live. It causes us to be born again.

Jesus gave us a second chance at life. Can we do the same for someome else?

It is one of the regrets of my life that though I always intended to sign up to give blood and stem cells I never did. And now my blood is not wanted due to my condition.  But perhaps it is not too late for you.

Is there a better way, other than giving the gospel, for you to honour the gift of Jesus’ blood than by giving your blood to someone else?

Simply giving your blood or a component of it might seem like a small step. But it really does save lives. A recent report suggested that through donations of blood stem cells and also a kidney the UK’s most generous man may have saved 30 lives.

Every day we hear the news that hundreds are dying of COVID19.  And if you are reading this the chances are you are also concerned about the third most deadly form of cancer: blood cancer.  If you already have blood cancer sadly you cannot give any element of your blood. But if you are a friend or family member you definitely can.  In this post in our series on hope in the midst of Coronavirus we will focus on just how your blood can  save a life.

“The life of the body is in its blood”

The Bible, Leviticus 17:11, New Living Translation

The various components of blood are often given in a targeted way to people who need only that element of the blood. Blood cancer patients are more likely than most other patients to require each of these components of blood. Some seriously ill people with COVID-19 may also need one or more forms of blood components to maximise their chance of survival.

In 1994 I wrote a brief theology of transplantation and by extension blood donation for the Christian Medical Fellowship. I determined at the time that I would sign up to the stem cell donor register and also give blood. I was so disorganised, however, that I never quite got round to it to my shame. My lesson from that would be “seize the day”. Make today the day you take three steps that could save a life.

“As Christ’s body is formed by spiritual transplantation, is it not possible that we can view physical transplantation in the light of this? As biblical writers can conceive of Christ giving life to us as we are transplanted into his body, can we not also see that physical transplants can legitimately grant life to their hosts . . . Jesus gave his life for us . . . Surely we can in a small way imitate Christ’s actions “

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The full version of this article forms part of my hope in Corona-Crunch series which gives a scientific reason for the hope I have that GOD is going to help us find a way out of this mess!

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