Corona truth telling with Billy the Atheist

Corona truth telling with Billy the Atheist August 23, 2020

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Here are two videos which address the response to my recent article on why we must pursue truth in the COVID19 pandemic rather than spreading lies. I urged us to respect COVID19 science. The first video and podcast was me talking about this article and the fantastically encouraging response I have received. It seems that many people share my concerns about how some Christians have been sharing things that are simply not true about COVID19 conspiracy theories. One point of clarification, I have since learnt that there are indeed some UK Christians sharing such things also, I just haven’t noticed them in my social media feeds. And of course there are many USA Christians who would hold a similar pro-science pro-truth line to what I am trying to promote. Hope you enjoy the video.

Response to Christians must stop lying about COVID19


The second video is a discussion with a new friend I have met as a result of the article.  Billy Whizz (Richard Harvey) is an atheist with a physics degree described by a mutual facebook friend as a seeker after truth. Billy asked a couple of questions in the comments section including whether I was really implying only christians could be scientists (I wasn’t of course!) And it seemed to me that this would be a great person to have a conversation with.

This video mostly focussed on what we agree on. The need to be thoughful of others not just yourself in this epidemic. Just how big a problem this really is for the world. And our shared concern about conspiracy theorists. We did discuss to what extent Christianity had been behind the resurgence of Science in Europe. Martin Luther and the printing press even got a mention. I really enjoyed this conversation so much we are thinking of doing another. What would you like an atheist and a Christian to talk about? What questions should I put to Billy or he put to me? We proved today that it IS possible to talk about things when you have very different beliefs. Oh that we as Society would relearn how to disagree agreeably. I hope you enjoy this video:


Billy the Atheist



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