The Busy Witch: Accidental Magic

The Busy Witch: Accidental Magic May 14, 2013

Ever since my magical awakening a few years ago, I have become more intentional about the energy I put out. I try to only share positive stories via social media (although, sometimes, I just can’t help a rant or two), and I have worked hard to cultivate an attitude of gratitude for the big and small things in my life. I’ve also started working magic with more confidence, and watching in delight as my intentions manifest in amazing ways.

But something else has also been happening, and I’ve only just become aware of it. For all of the intentioned magical acts I perform, I seem to also be acting unconsciously, as well.

The idea of unconscious magic might seem a scary one, but for the most part, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to realize that the places where magic is seeping into my life have changed for the better. During my last menstrual cycle, I caught myself unconsciously wearing deep red and purple, and by the end of the cycle, I realized I’d had a much gentler period than I usually experienced. It may seem like a small thing, but by outwardly embracing my bleeding energy with my clothes and accessories, I formed a deeper, unexpected bond with my body. Even though I did it unconsciously this month, next month I’ll be wearing rich colors again with intention.

001My unintentional moments of magic haven’t just been confined to the privacy of my home. As some of you may know, I’m a teacher. I love what I do, and I feel blessed to make connections with my students each semester. Finals recently wrapped up, and in the weeks leading up to the exams, I caught myself again and again speaking to my students with my hands loosely clasped in “namaste”, or prayer; my palms pressed gently together, my fingertips barely touching as I held my hands at my heart while addressing my classes.  I was offering them energy without even realizing it.

When I first caught myself doing this, my gut reaction was to stop. There is a different kind of magic in the classroom, and I had never once considered adding to it. But then I paused. Although I had never consciously brought magic into the classroom before, my instinctive self clearly felt the need to offer a heartfelt blessing to my students as they began their exams, and I have learned to trust my intuition.

And so I didn’t stop my hands from drifting naturally to my heart as I spoke with my students. I felt the gentle tingle of gratitude flowing from me into the room, and then I went back to lecturing and preparing them to take their finals. But something magical happened this semester, and I do think it was, in part, because of the unconscious energy I was directing at my students; more people passed my class with high marks than ever before, and when I met with my students for conferences last week, I was overwhelmed by the gratitude and delight they expressed about the course. One woman, a student who had made no bones about her dislike for me, brought me a beautiful potted tulip to thank me. When I used to teach middle school, I was accustomed to receiving small tokens from the students before the summer vacation, but I’d never received a gift from a student since transitioning to a college classroom. I was touched, and this student’s kindness lingers with me as I write this.

With intention, we can manifest amazing things, but sometimes, we find ourselves manifesting things we never imagined. Magic with intention is powerful, but it is not the only magic we possess.  As I work to become more aware of myself and the world surrounding me, I am also becoming more and more aware of the magic we each create without even thinking about it. Now that I have noticed, however, I’m going to apply my intention to the things that I was already doing without thought; spreading gratitude, tending to myself, and offering joy to those around me.

What unintentional acts is it time for you to make intentional?

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