The Path of She: A Summer Solstice Mystery – Thou Art Goddess

The Path of She: A Summer Solstice Mystery – Thou Art Goddess June 11, 2016

On the edge of waking, with your consciousness still immersed in the liquid energies of the dreaming, She waits for you.  She is a shining being, woven more of light than flesh. She does not speak, but reaches out a hand to you. As your fingers touch, a sense of familiarity floods through you, along with a profound hunger to commune with this strange, exquisite being.

A sunny wild space opens before you, carpeted with lush green grass and strewn with liberal splashes of brightly colored wildflowers. Nearby, a wooded area of towering deciduous trees offers a shady retreat under its vast leafy canopy. The place is alive with birdsong, chittering squirrels, buzzing insects and the rustling sounds of larger mammals. A gentle wind carries the earthy, green-world scents of a wildscape basking in the life-giving heat of the summer sun.

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When your companion speaks, it’s as if the sun shines inside your belly, filling you with its beneficent rays, “We are surrounded by the ways of the sacred feminine as they unfold in Nature. Every living thing on this Earth has a place and purpose in the great weaving of life and cannot help but blossom into its full presence and beauty. Look closely at the wildness around you and see that the plants and creatures naturally embody this truth, each a seamless, essential part of a living, breathing wholeness that connects us all.”

Your vision shifts with Her words and you can see into the energetic patterns that underlie the physical forms around you. When you look at the red-breasted bird perched on a branch overhead, you see also the soft blue egg from which it hatched, the cellular matter that produced this egg and bird, and the unique, luminescent spark of Creation at its core that holds its robin nature. As the robin breaks into its sweet, clear song, you sense that it is doing exactly what it is meant to be doing at the prime of its life, blossoming into and expressing its robin essence and purpose to a listening and receiving world.

As you wander this flourishing landscape, your awareness shifts to the other wild inhabitants. From the bees busy gathering nectar, to the grazing deer, to the swaying canopy of giant maple trees, you take in this same, seamless connection between inner essence and outer form. A sense of rightness settles in your bones, that this is the way life is meant to be, with a place and purpose for everything within a grandeur reality.

“In the human world, you have abandoned the ways of the sacred feminine and its natural life drives,” She says, “Most people don’t live connected to their essence; they don’t bloom into a beautiful, full expression of themselves and their sacred purpose in life. Much of the unhappiness and destructive impulses of your species find their source in this core wounding.”

Let yourself feel the cold, hard truth of Her words. Sense the masks that your wear and the roles that you inhabit in your everyday existence that disconnect you from your soul-sourced authenticity and purpose. Open to the unmet needs and longings that arise from your inner core, and your mirror responses of distress and sorrow. This is one way of living. There is another, the way of the sacred feminine, and you are surrounded by it at this very moment.

In this dream place between the worlds, align your life with the ways of the living Earth in its full-blossoming powers. Choose to let the robin be your teacher in these things, doing exactly what it is meant to be doing from the depth of its robin nature. Choose to bloom into the true essence and purpose of your Deep Self in whatever way is good and right for you at this time in your life.

The meadow scene transforms into a garden, the sanctum of your inner core, your holy of holies. Beside you, your shining companion solidifies into a person of flesh. When you look into Her radiant face, you see your own sparkling eyes and smiling lips reflected back at you, but with a deeper presence and power that you may not yet recognize in yourself. She is your inner Goddess Self who holds your sacred feminine powers and knowing.

“In the depth of your inner landscape, there is no separation between you and your true essence and purpose,” She says, “You have never really lost me, nor your connection to the  mysteries of the sacred feminine and the living Earth. These things have always been waiting for your remembrance and conscious engagement. And it is these things that call you to take your place in the sunlit realm, and to live from your very best gifts and qualities in your everyday life. This is the rightness of being that you seek, and the part you can play in building a better, more beautiful and joyful world.  You need to simply show up as your true, beautiful Self.

She takes your face in Her hands and places Her warm lips against yours, granting you a sweet, awakening kiss that dispels the shadows and doubts that separate you from Her brilliant presence at the core of your being. Your cadence of heartbeat and breath synchronize, and your two forms merge into one. Her mysteries are your mysteries. Her power is your power. Her voice is your voice. Her shining is your shining. There is no separation and never was.

As you leave this dream and wake into your everyday life, you bring these magical workings with you. Your radiant Goddess Self now shines through your eyes. She is awake inside of you, anchoring you firmly, profoundly in the ways of the sacred feminine, and guiding your journey of soul as you step into your destined place in the great weaving of life.

Excerpt from Path of She Book of Sabbats: A Journey of Soul Across the Sabbats, now available on Amazon and iBooks. Visit the Path Store for details.

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