Outside the Circle: Top Ten Magickal Facts about Trees

Outside the Circle: Top Ten Magickal Facts about Trees August 11, 2016

Faces In Trees

a tree with the image of a face in its bark
Photo by Danette Wilson

I also gravitate to forests and began seeing faces in the trees. It came all of a sudden right before twilight in one park and I wasn’t the only one seeing all of them. My family did as well.  I started taking pictures as fast as my camera would shoot and the faces were around every corner. It has just continued from there and they have initiated me as a ‘keeper of the dark wooded places’ and I humbly accept. It really is true, the woods breathe life into you and you to them.

For all of existence humans and the trees have had a special and even spiritual relationship. It is said that the first place man went upon leaving the oceans was up into the trees. Trees offered shelter, food and warmth. Trees became our allies in nature and the Native Americans Indians call them, “Our standing brothers and sisters”.

Trees formed an important part of religious worship and many Sacred Groves served as religious centers throughout the world. Trees also formed an important part of Celtic worship.

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