Lamp & Labyrinth: A Mystics Perception of Subjective Reality

Lamp & Labyrinth: A Mystics Perception of Subjective Reality May 24, 2017
The 5th time I experienced imbas forosnai, an unvisited philosophy I had been innately using exploded in a wave of integration that sprung from the island of my intellectual core outward onto the water. It rushed fathoms in my mind toward its edges. When it got to the border, the magic turned into beings and kept going beyond Otherworldy barriers. I followed it and ended up speaking to our deep ancestors for an hour.

Part of this philosophy I had been developing since youth. For example, Imagine the emotional loathing people project onto legal jargon in contracts. People who dislike reading it but for some reason are made to, this may be you, cannot wait to stop and return back to the real sane world of normal social interaction or the homeostasis of their lives over the tedium.

A Druid Using a Hammer, from Welcome Images via WIkiMedia.  CC 4.0
A Druid Using a Hammer, from Welcome Images via WIkiMedia. CC 4.0

When I conceptualize legal jargon, I fail to project loathsome feelings onto it. I am fully aware that if we all made agreements via normal social interactions, both parties would walk away with two separate understandings. And so… legal jargon, as I see it, is a byproduct of human behavior, thinking and programming; which by its own nature produces separate understandings of reality. This occurs even among the most lucid of individuals.

This is precisely why Indo-European judges were practicers of mysticism. I believe they nitpicked their reality to find and eliminate delusion and false understandings. Druid judges described as truth seekers and as the most just of all people ought to mean something real for the psyche. By this I mean, some part of them clicks over and transforms because of what they experience. Their abilities, both magical and scientific, must stem from their way of perceiving the world, and what more would affect a worldview than full illumination of the halls of wisdom, if only for a few hours, minutes, or even seconds?

So legal jargon isn’t loathsome because it is tedious. What makes people really loathe it is their own entitlement to being understood. A worldview is cherished because it is your own, and that cherishment causes expectations to be broken with a greater emotional consequence. Therefore, people hate that when they communicate and understand, the models of conception in your head and the heads of others are not matching reality to one degree or another. The structure we perceive is not the eternal house, being the world as it really is not as it’s perceived. It is for this reason our brothers in the east say the eternal tao cannot be named.

If you represent something wildly whole and magnificent in reality by way of the world of words and other symbols to another individual, you run into this problem of each of the symbols being interpreted through the lens of that person’s own unique experiences. In childhood we learn other people have their own experiences, but we may never realize that another person’s experience is so different from our own even if we feel they relate 100% and share all the same good feels.

If you feel this is no real enlightening gnosis, then the illusion you dwell within is thicker because of this early spiritual development. It is so because you may live in a worldview where you expect others to be more competent than they are. If this is you, you might waste lots of energy expressing that you don’t understand people. There is always a multitude of invisible factors that are mathematically and causally perfect. This order then works upon a layer of chaos. Both the chaos and the order we can’t see are wild and make no sense to us. *Constantly expressing it either feeds the secret enjoyment of furrowing your brow and throwing your hands up.* The pride in these actions and sub conscious enjoyment in them are tied to feeding ego and self image. In this trap, to love your competence and intelligence, one must fein balance by having contempt for the stupid and incompetent. Cunning folk avoid this way of being. (Make sure you relate this concept with your flexing muscle analogy using something super common like tense shoulders.)

What people loathe is the secretly held common knowledge that all worldviews are falsehoods. The spirits in the subconscious know this: they told me so and that people already know this nihilistic truth, but avoid facing it to cling to comfort. This is not a weakness as everyone clings. If you don’t have a few things to cling to, the mystic ascends and sheds their body.

Scientists build faith in objective realities, they test them in their labs and go about their business. But just as the reader wants to return to the sane world of what that person considers social interaction and living, even if that person is single, lives alone, and talks to no one but a single store clerk… that scientist leaves objective reality and reenters the subjective world of delusion and forgetting. A scientist is not immune to needing legal contracts himself, and therefore when he gets a job offer, for example, he needs to know what ’employment’ the word-symbol actually means. Standing alone it means nothing, it is a representation of two understandings that are supposed to be in sync. Contracts are for laying out details so that everyone agrees on what ‘success’ and ‘failure’ means. The lab, the law office, and the nemeton are all sacred spaces where bias gives way to truth and a deeper understanding of order and truth, both the same word in Irish: Fírrne.

"Druids Bringing in the Mistletoe" by Edward Atkinson Hornel.  From WikiMedia.
“Druids Bringing in the Mistletoe” by Edward Atkinson Hornel. From WikiMedia.

These false worldviews are given to you, the Observer, mostly by the Storyteller, your internal bard and interpretation device… which all of your experiences pass through. I think this is the perceived devil on the left side of the shoulder: your fear cheerleader, though a dualistic view splits the Storyteller into two parts assigning some of its action to your conscience.

A mystic recognizes that each of us including themselves, adds a 2nd story on top of objective reality and that magic is precisely causing that 2nd story to corrupt reality. We are all co creators but also copers. When you cope with a problem instead of creating a solution, you can recognize it by seeing if more problems are created, and if the problems reflect a reality that you feared.

A clingy breakup is preceded by an anxiety about clinginess. A person unhappy with their exterior will avoid looking at it and end up more unkempt. Gay sex is gross to a homophobe due to their fear, the disgust does not exist in nature. A person who is timid is steamrolled due to the communication by their body language that they don’t have a stake in driving conversation.

And so as a co-creator of reality, it is irresponsible to not see the 2nd story I put on things. I must see it and train my Storyteller to co-create the best reality for my tribe and family.

For a year or so after these experiences, I was refactoring so many parts of my worldview at once that keeping sane was an voluntary task of re-emerging myself back into my delusions once in awhile. Childhood cartoons are a good source of this.


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