Hearth of Hellenism: When the Gods Make Contact

Hearth of Hellenism: When the Gods Make Contact July 28, 2017

In my last entry We Don’t Have Relationships with the Gods, or Do We? I questioned the nature of the relationships we have with the Gods. While I argued that the term “relationship” may not be the most appropriate, I made it clear that I believe we have interactions and experience them. In this entry, I want to share with you my experiences with the Gods and how they have contacted me.

It is funny, a Greek God did not contact me first. I am honored to have had Isis, the Egyptian Goddess, reach out to me initially. She appeared to me in a dream. Her appearance came after a workshop I did on Isis devotion and worship, lead by Isian priest James Jacob Pierri (The Auset Gypsy) in Manhattan. This was probably in 2011/12. Since this time James has told me that She (Isis) is initiating me little by little.

Isis.  From WikiMedia.
Isis. From WikiMedia.

Early this year, I stopped into a local Hindu store. I do not know what to call the place, other than it caters to the Hindu community. Inside among the variety of stuff they sell, they have religious items. I came across a mini oil lamp (a genie lamp I called it). I bought it and instagramed what I bought. James told me that it was no accident, I came across the lamp. It was part of the “initiation”, oil lamps were votive offerings that people would leave for Isis. I keep the lamp on my shrine to Isis now.

When it comes to the Greek Gods, they have been slow to reveal themselves to me. However, once it started it was like a snowball effect. The Greek Gods started to “respond” to me after I started attending events with the Hellenic Council of YSEE of America in the spring of 2016. I think I had to prove myself to Them, that I was serious before they would take an interest in me.

The first event I attended was the festival celebration for Artemis and Apollo. That summer I traveled to Greece to see family. I made it a point to do what tourist do and visit some sites. I had never got to visit anything before, I am usually stuck in the village or at the beach. I went to Delphi and Athens.

The Temple of Apollo at Delphi.  Photo Laurvick via WikiMedia.  CC License 3.0
The Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Photo Laurvick via WikiMedia. CC License 3.0

A few days before visiting Delphi, while tanning at the beach I had a brief glimpse of Apollo in my “mind’s eye” that shook me. When I did visit Delphi, I found a wonder spot off to the side with trees and large stones, the perfect spot to sit and do a tarot reading. There, I asked Apollo for a message and did a reading for myself, the message was on point.

Hecate appeared, or at least I think She sent a dream to me. She was not in the dream like Isis was, but I think the dream was from her. In the dream, there was a snake and a dog in my backyard. The snake was coming up the house and trying to get inside through the window. I shut and locked the window to keep the snake out. I then went outside to bring the dog in. How is this Hecate?

While at first I did not think it was Hecate, I assumed it could have been Pythian Apollo. That day I received in the mail the Pythagorean Tarot with a guide book. While flipping through, I came across the chapter on the High Priestess. In there the author John Opsopaus wrote about the transformative powers of snake and dog which Hecate sends. This made me realize it probably was Hecate who sent me the dream . It could also be something else, but I’ll consider it contact with Hecate. The snake came back again the second night, apparently I am supposed to accept it along with the dog, I have not accepted the snake fully yet. James told me that when I do embrace the snake, it will be very transformative.

"Mercury and Argos" by Abraham Hondius.  From WikiMedia.
“Mercury and Argos” by Abraham Hondius. From WikiMedia.

Zeus also made contact with me. I once had a dream where Zeus appeared. Nine months have passed and no I have not birthed a child. Being a man, if I did that would certainly be a miracle and a big credit to Zeus lol. After the dream, I was flipping through a book at the Tarot School and came to a page that mentioned Zeus. This was a Freemason book, so I was not expecting Zeus to pop up.

While I have not had any contact in a visual way, I feel connected with Hermes. I always say a prayer to Hermes when I am traveling, especially when traveling to Queens or Brooklyn because I always need a good parking spot and Hermes delivers on those requests. When I am not driving, I call upon Hermes for divination work, along with Apollo and Isis.

There seems to be a pattern when it comes to these encounters so far. When I dream of a God, somehow in the waking world I receive confirmation. They appear in a dream and then appear in real life through something physical. In the case of Zeus and Hecate, a random book makes reference to them. With Isis, physical objects associated with her find their way to me. And Hermes, he finds me good parking spots.

How do the Gods make themselves known to you? What stories do you have to share? I would like to hear.

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