Tree City Witch: Two Eclipses For Leo Season! Are You Ready?

Tree City Witch: Two Eclipses For Leo Season! Are You Ready? July 27, 2017

For me, everything, almost everything, comes back to trauma, healing from trauma, although lately I don’t like this word “healing” so much. It feels too final to me, too heroic, as if there’s an end point where struggle and creativity cease to exist. Instead, I think we take breaks. Then we return. Break again. Return. Boats rise. Boats fall.

In August we have these two Eclipses (Eclipse time usually comes twice a year) and these times, yes, may shock and awe you (in the form of particular events or news you receive on or around those days), but as I’ve written before, definitely think of the Eclipses as more than one day, more than two days. Think of them as a period of time that you walk through. Landscape. Desert. Someone just drew the Five of Pentacles for me and instead of snowy street she me walking through the desert. You will walk too, only question is where.

Lunar Eclipse, photo courtesy of the US National Parks Department.
Lunar Eclipse, photo courtesy of the US National Parks Department.


Here’s another metaphor. When you take a class, there is a usually a curriculum of some kind, no matter how threadbare. It’s the same with the Eclipses. And the core curriculum has much to do with the Houses in your chart, those Houses where the Eclipses will take place. That’s where the lessons are. You need to know your chart for this.

Remember that not all lessons are bad. When I was in school I loved art. I loved English. Those were lessons too. There were assignments. There were books. Please do not fear this learning, dear student. .

So here we have these August Eclipses on the way, one in Aquarius, a Full Moon, and one in Leo, a New Moon, and here is your chance to chase away the ghosts.

Think to yourself: do I want to chase them away?

Some people say to me: YES Aliza I want to chase away the ghosts but then they feed them and knit them sweaters. To make ANY astrological event work for you, you have to be so very honest with yourself. We cannot expect change otherwise. Take an inventory of your life. Take an inventory of your ghosts. This is what to do for Eclipse season.

You are only as stuck as how much responsibility you take at any given time. Now is the time to take responsibility across your Leo and Aquarius houses (in your natal chart). And what I mean by that is presence. Awareness. Honesty.

Questions to ask yourself:

what am I to learn now? What do the Leo and Aquarius Houses of my chart have to teach me at this time in my life? Who was I? Who am I? Where am I going? Where do I want to go? Do I have a structure, a lesson plan to figure this out? Do I have a teacher or guide? What is required of me now?


I chose five cards because in the Tarot five is the number of change and the Eclipses change our lives. I recommend you do this simple Tarot spread for each eclipse:

Card One: what is the lesson from this eclipse
Card Two: who is the teacher to help me through this eclipse
Card Three: hold onto his
Card Four : release this
Card Five : the way forward

August 7th is the Lunar Eclipse. Full Moon. Aquarius. 15 degrees.

August 21st is the Solar Eclipse. New Moon. Leo. 28 degrees.

And in between these two Eclipses, Mercury goes retrograde.

Yes, my dear, in the middle of rocking and rolling Eclipse Season we have Mercury retrograde. Mercury goes direct Tuesday September 5th. I’ll talk about this transit in a separate blog post, but suffice to say, August will be interesting.

About this trauma clearing, energy clearing. Extraction. Exorcism. Whatever you want to call it. I will make a recommendation.

You won’t need an incantation or formula. Won’t need any special words at all. No tools needed. This isn’t the Magician card. No Pentacle, Wand, Cup, or Sword required. No special location or recipe or guru. The Eclipses themselves will do Part One of the work for you. It’s the lazy astrology lover’s dream. Do nothing. Watch life happen. This may thrill you or terrify you but the additional truth is that your action and/or inaction has led you to this August 2017 moment. Call it karma. Call it fate. Call it Eclipse Season!

Your job is to “simply” to pay attention. Pay attention to what you feel, what you observe, what happens, what doesn’t happen. Pay very VERY close attention across your Leo and Aquarius Houses. I would start paying attention now actually. Sunday’s New Moon in Leo and the surrounding days were chock full of clues!

Partial Solar Eclipse, photo by Tomruen, From WikiMedia.  Public Domain Image.
Partial Solar Eclipse, photo by Tomruen, From WikiMedia. Public Domain Image.


Last time I was writing about getting unstuck and how in my current class I was having folks draw cards about their stuckness and what could help. I definitely felt my cards tell a story I needed to hear which is one of the things I love about the Tarot, its absolute relevance to my life in the moment, every moment, that i choose to pick up the deck.

Not only will I do the above Tarot spread for each eclipse, but I will draw an additional two cards for each.

Where am I stuck
How can I become free

What is the path ahead? I asked my witch friend this question and she drew that Five of Pentacles for me, the card that no one wants to see, and then the aha moment came. The path IS the path, Keep going — through the snow, through the desert, keep going.

Are you interested in my on-line Tarot workshop? It’s a six-week course called Every Picture Tells a Story and is a collaboration with the Sequential Artists Workshop, a school for cartoonists and comic artists. The course is for folks who are interested in Tarot deck creation and exploration! We start September 5th. Stay tuned for details or message me!

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