The Crow’s Nest: Hexing for a Good Cause

The Crow’s Nest: Hexing for a Good Cause November 6, 2017

Pagans view the Earth as a sentient Being. We often define our spirituality as “Earth-Based.”  All around the world, Pagans take up social and environmental causes. We express our views through social media sites and peaceful demonstrations. We call our government representatives. We vote. We garden. We recycle. We take action on a daily basis to honor and mend our Mother, Planet Earth.

What additional action can we take when our voices are not heard by those in power? What else can we do? For those like myself, hexing is an option.

Photo from pxhere, public domain image, CC0 License.
Photo from pxhere, public domain image, CC0 License.

Hexing, Curses and Jinxing

Magical practices such as Hexing, Cursing and Jinxing are often viewed in a negative manner. Visions of “Witch Wars” or the use of witchcraft to settle personal grudges often comes to people’s minds when the words are mentioned. There are Traditions such as Wicca that discourage or forbid the practice of hexing under the tenant of “Harm None” or the ‘Rule of Three”.  For other Traditions hexing or cursing is a recognized part of the practice of the Craft.

Merriam-Webster defines hex as “to affect as if by an evil spell.”   A Curse is defined as “a prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon one” and Jinx as “to foredoom to failure or misfortune :bring bad luck to”.

I believe these terms are oversimplified and demonstrate the overall lack of knowledge and understanding of Witchcraft and its varied Traditions by the mainstream population.

Hexing is a tool that can be used when all mundane options have been exhausted in a situation.  There is a long history of people employing Hexes when they had no other way to obtain justice.

A Brief History of Hexes and Curses

In Ancient Egypt curses were often used as a means of protection in tombs. One of the most famous curses of all times is known as “The Mummy’s Curse.” The following inscription was placed on a stone of the pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb, “Death Shall Come on Swift Wings to Him Who Disturbs the Peace of the King.” This curse was thought to be responsible for the death of several people associated with the discovery of the tomb in the 1920’s.

The Curse of Tippecanoe, cast upon the American Presidency by Native American Leader Tecumseh during William Henry Harrison’s time in office, was credited for causing the deaths of every President elected in the year ending in zero. The curse was said to be lifted after former President Ronald Reagan survived an assassination attempt.

Objects can be the origin of curses as well. The Hope Diamond was stolen from a Hindu statue by a French merchant in India. It is said to have a curse attached to it. The large blue diamond is credited with the mysterious deaths of several of its former owners.

A Modern Case for Hexing: Pipelines

The Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipeline Projects are two current pipeline projects impacting my home state of Virginia. The DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) protests were highly publicized but have been ineffective at halting the project at this time.  Pipeline projects cut through vast lands and water sources. Personal properties rights are being eroded due to Eminent Domain laws. Despite numerous protests, legal battles, and even opposition from local governments, the projects are being pushed through. FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) recently gave its approval to both the ACP and MVP pipeline projects.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline will cut through properties that have been in my family for generations. I took this as a call to action on my part. After attending local meetings and protests to no avail, I hexed the pipeline project. Specifically, that it will never come to fruition. At this time, construction has not begun on the pipeline, but it does seem to be looming in the near future.

I will continue to express my views against the pipeline projects by attending meetings and protests. I will also continue hexing with the intent to delay the projects forever.

Hexing for a Higher Cause

Hexes and Curses are not a part of everyone’s path. And while most of us practice the Craft on a small level from day to day, I encourage everyone to consider the world around them and how they can be of help. Being of service to our community magically and mundanely should be a central part of all our paths.

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