Radical Pantheist: One Energy, Many Frequencies – Melissa Alvarez

Radical Pantheist: One Energy, Many Frequencies – Melissa Alvarez June 9, 2019

As a young child, Melissa Alvarez was visited by a spiritual being who told her that an impending illness would activate spiritual gifts which would change the purpose of her life. Following that visitation, Alvarez fell sick with immense unattributed head pain and, after recovery, started to have intuitive impressions, something she said took her over 20 years to accept.

“I didn’t really want to know things about people, or to deal with spirit,” Alvarez said. “Once I accepted it was part of me, life seemed to flow easier and I used my abilities to help others by teaching them how to understand their own abilities.”

Today, Alvarez is very in touch with those abilities and said she doesn’t have a specific label to describe her spirituality.

“I believe in the power of the earth and its frequency.” Public Domain image via pexels.

“I believe in God, I believe in the spiritual realm, and I believe in things outside of traditional religious beliefs like the paranormal and being able to see and interact with those who have passed back home to the spiritual realm, whether they were human or animal while on this plane,” Alvarez said. “I believe in reincarnation, in the power of the Earth and its frequency, in other dimensions, that we can communicate with animals, that there are beings in the Universe other than ourselves, and that we can achieve more than we may think is possible in this realm.”

Alvarez was able to delve into these topics when writing her book Earth Frequency, which explores the historical and spiritual nature of 250 man-made and natural power places.

Power places are defined by Alvarez as any place on the planet where spiritual energy affects one in a powerful way. One type of power place is a vortex, a place where Earth’s transformative energy is either drawn inward or projected outward. Vortexes are often found at sacred sites, places considered to be of spiritual significance by locals.

These powerful, sacred sites are often built upon ley lines, the ancient energy lines that surround Earth, forming an energetic alignment amongst land formations all over the world. Such places often include highly transformative spaces like ruins, castles, churches, monuments, and megaliths.

Earth chakras, like human and animal chakras, are spiraling three-dimensional wheels of energy. Essentially operating as powerful energy vortexes, Earth chakras direct energy towards or away from Earth. Alvarez also described a secondary Earth chakra system comprised of smaller vortexes, which people are likely to encounter more casually when spending time outdoors.

“When you’re connecting with Earth’s energy your own chakras are affected by that energy, which is why the power places around the world are considered transformational,” Alvarez said. “Earth’s energy can heighten your intuition, it can give you clarity, bring you peace, and increase your spiritual awareness. Connecting with Earth’s frequency is a powerful experience that brings about many benefits both physically and spiritually.”

Energy, however, is universal, said Alvarez, who explained that the energy found in each place, person and animal is a different variation of the same universal energy. Alvarez explores that energy in the context of sacred animal connections in her book Animal Frequency.

“Animal frequencies are part of universal energy, so while they’re all the same type of energy, they all also feel different by species and individually,” said Alvarez. “For example, a bear has a much different energy than say a mouse, but each one’s energy is powerful in its own way. They both give you messages that are unique to their own energy. It’s the same way for power places in Earth Frequency.”

“Animal frequencies are part of universal energy.” Photo by Matheus Bertelli via pexels.

The practiced intuitive offered advice on how to connect to places and animals far away.

“The best way to connect with the energy of animals or places that you can’t physically touch or visit is to do it remotely through creative visualization using the aid of books and online media,” Alvarez said. “When I researched both books, I watched a variety of pictures and videos online to see how the animal actually moved, how they hunted, or how they interacted with their environment. For places, I looked at pictures of the landscapes, of the buildings inside and out and paid attention to the smallest details to get a feeling of the place and to immerse myself into its energy. While I did this I kept my intuitive senses wide open so I could feel the energy of the people past and present, and how they left their imprint on the place or how the energy of the place affected them.”

Alvarez began the writing process of both books by listing the places and animals she wanted to cover, using her intuition to choose what she felt readers would find most useful.

While she did research on the behavior and habitat of the animals included in Animal Frequency, Alvarez obtained much of the information using her animal frequency process, by which she connects with an animal on a divine level to gain insights. Alvarez said she specifically inquired as to what the energies want readers to know, and that during the writing process many animals showed up on her farm. The process of writing Earth Frequency was similar.

“It was a lot of fun to use my intuition to delve into the energy of the place and describe its energy to the reader,” Alvarez said. “I love history and it was so intriguing to me to learn more about the power places around the world and the people who live/lived there and their culture and beliefs. I really encourage people to get out and explore because you probably have a power place really close to where you live, maybe even in your own back yard.”

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