Creating Synthesis: YOU Are the CREATIVE Magick-Maker of Your Life!

Creating Synthesis: YOU Are the CREATIVE Magick-Maker of Your Life! December 3, 2019

Magick is inherently creative. Creativity is the most primal force of magic which we us to fuel our magick. Every act of magick – of willing your desires to life – is a creative act, regardless of the desired outcome.  Within each of us is a deep well of creative potential. As magick-makers and witches, creativity is the basis of all that we do.

Every Saturday, in Open Circle, I create online space to celebrate creativity – in all forms. Often, the replies are full of glorious pictures of arts, crafts, food, spells, and loads of encouragement.  Sometimes though, this sort of reply pops up: “WOW! You all are so talented. Thanks for sharing.  I love seeing everyone’s pictures but I never share anything because I’m not creative.”


Impossible! Image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay.

You know you’re lying to yourself, right!?

The cultural messaging around creativity binds the concept to ideas such as “art” and “craft”.  This leads to a belief that you are only “creative” if you are a person that makes art-like objects.  I emphatically disagree!

My definition is simple.  Creative is an adjective that reflects the ability to create.  We ALL have that ability.  What we create doesn’t determine if we are creative.  Whether we create something from our own imagination or step-by-step from a series of instructions still results in an act of creation and is therefore creative.

Meme by the author. Background photo by PixelAnarchy via Pixabay.

Let’s celebrate the diversity of our creative potential!

Sure, creativity can manifest through artistic expression and skillful crafts.  Limiting creativity to only those subjects hurts my soul when there are INFINITE ways for creativity to be expressed.

Creativity can be:

  • creating space in our homes by purging unnecessary clutter
  • the written word / journaling / storytelling
  • a proposal for change at work or school
  • work towards healing emotional scars
  • a nourishing meal made from scratch
  • activism in social justice (creating change in the world)
  • securing a new contract in business
  • building relationships
  • singing / songwriting / chanting
  • developing prayers to deity
  • framing a photograph
  • among infinite other ways
Infinite Explosion of Possibilities. Original image, Faizal Sugi via Pixabay, slightly cropped by the author.

 Seven Witchy Ways You are ALREADY Creative

  1. ALTARS – Don’t just build themselves. Even if you are using the most simplistic, traditional non-nonsense altar set up YOU created it and brought it into being.
  2. CIRCLE CASTING – The act of creating sacred space. You can’t cast a circle without altering your environment energetically.
  3. INTENTION SETTING – A solid intention requires use of strong verbs and specifics. This process often requires revising word choices and seeking rhymes.
  4. SPELLCRAFT – Willing your desired outcome into being through careful use of correspondences, incantations (another opportunity for creation), and a petition / intention.
  5. DIVINATION – Interpreting cards, runes, bones, trinkets, tea leaves, palm lines, cheese curds, etc. requires creativity. You may have book knowledge detailing the meanings of symbols but you inject your creativity into the process as you weave the various cards (or other) into a single message.
  6. RITUAL DRESS – The clothing, adornments, makeup, etc. you choose to wear when you perform your magick is an opportunity for creativity. This is the act of creating how you want to be perceived by yourself and external entities, both human and ethereal.
  7. TOOL / MATERIAL CRAFTING – There is some hefty power in the creation of a tangible object, especially an object which will be used to create magick. The time and focus it takes to craft an object naturally enchants it with focus and power. The process of creation offers an opportunity for connection between the user and the object more intense than any item you can purchase.

Explore Your Own Thoughts About Creativity

Journal Prompt created by author.

Questions to consider in your journal:

How do you feel about the word creative?

What has your relationship been like with the concept of creativity?

Do you recognize your creativity?

How do you currently express creativity?

What creative actions can you take to bring more magick into your life?



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