The Corner Crone: A Prayer to Brigid for Protection and Health

The Corner Crone: A Prayer to Brigid for Protection and Health March 17, 2020

Like so many of us around our planet these days, Coronavirus consumes my attention and energy. I don’t have much new to say, but I do want to offer a short prayer I crafted to Brigid for protection and health. Source material for this prayer came from Jason Mankey’s most recent book, Witch’s Wheel of the Year. While the Rituals he offers invoking Brigid are (of course) centered around Imbolc, I found them to be easily adapted to meet the current circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Brigid is a goddess of healing and protection. Public Domain photo by Andreas F. Borchert.

Social distancing, frequent hand-washing, all of the practical interventions that we’re putting into place (as best we are able) are all vital components of trying to mitigate an aggressive pandemic. As I keep telling folx, you gotta do what you gotta do to feel–and be–safe. For many of us, these critically important self- and community-care practices are in turn strengthened by our own faith practices. Leaning into our relationships with whatever or whoever it is we consider holy, not in place of scientifically proven methodologies, but in addition to plenty of soap and water, keeping our distance as much as possible, and essentially sheltering in place.

For me, that means leaning into my relationships with Hekate and with Brigid. I’ve added a request for protection to my morning prayers to Hekate, and I’ve decided to ask Brigid’s protection as well. As I finished my prayer to Brigid, I was moved to write and share a prayer for any and all who might feel moved to also ask for Her protection. I offer a short video of it on my Facebook page hereor you can read it below.

Prayer to Brigid for Protection and Health

Brigid, Goddess of healing, of community, of justice; protector, healer, and patroness of sovereignty, I light the candles of your shrine.

Great warrior Goddess, prepare us for the battles ahead that we all must face, alone and together.

You are She who would never forsake her children. When the New Religion forced its beliefs upon our ancestors, you stayed with them and then with us, transforming into something else so that you could remain among us unhindered.

Goddess of justice, You are She who will light our way in these dark times. I ask that you raise us up so that we may do your work.

May we be healthy, loved, and giving of our own love. May we, in the coming days, be protected from harm. May we be free of that which threatens our well-being.

Walk with us as you walk over this earth, sharing your power, wisdom and grace.

So May It Be.

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