The Balancing Path: Healthy Bloodflow Sigil

The Balancing Path: Healthy Bloodflow Sigil April 29, 2020

This sigil is NOT a substitute for proper medical care!

If you have an emergency medical condition, get thee to a hospital!

If you have a serious medical condition, follow the directions of your doctor!

It is designed to help support the body, reduce complications, and improve responses to medical treatment, as pertains to healthy circulation of the cardiovascular system.  Science works, as does modern medicine.  I am a huge fan of doing what works, and supporting it with magical intent to give it that much more chance of success.  Nothing can guarantee that anyone will survive an emergency medical situation, but I am all for hedging bets as much as possible.

This sigil was inspired by news that not only is COVID-19 causing people to drown in their own lungs, it is causing overwhelming numbers of blood clots.  However, the sigil is designed in such a way that it may be used for any situation where healthy blood flow is compromised.

I created two versions of the sigil.  They both work exactly the same, but the first version I created was complex enough that it might be difficult to draw.  The second version is simplified to make it easier to copy.  Use whichever version you prefer.

Worksheet for the Healthy Bloodflow sigil – NOT the finished sigil. Image by author.

The Sigil is Charged with These Specific Intents

Steady heartbeat – And by extension, a healthy heart that is functioning as it should.

The first squiggle is roughly the way a healthy heartbeat looks on a heart monitor, and the wave is a simplified form to represent that pulse.  When you draw your sigil, you can use the heartbeat line if you wish to, or you can use the simplified sign wave.  The heart represents a healthy heart.

Healthy blood pressure – To keep blood pressure in a healthy range, not dangerously high or dangerously low.

The two parallel lines in the center couch the steady heartbeat.  In the complex form of the sigil, double lines create a circle traveling from the heart and back again, representing proper flow of blood through the cardiovascular system.

Not too thick & Not too thin – To encourage the blood in your body to be exactly the viscosity it needs to be for your situation and best health.

Another use of parallel lines.

No blood clotting problems – This encourages the blood to clot when it should, and not clot when it shouldn’t, as best suits your health needs.

Another use of parallel lines, and a second layer of meaning for the sign wave.  In the complex sigil, there are also overlapping X’s in the center of the octagon.

Bleeding stops quickly – If you have an unhealthy bleeding situation, this is to reinforce that the blood should clot when it needs to, and stop the bleeding.

The octagon is a simplified symbol from the common Stop sign we find on roads.

Blood flows everywhere it is supposed to – This one encourages the circulatory system to continue flowing throughout the entire body, especial the extremities, internal organs, and brain.

The circle connected to the heart also represents that the blood is flowing everywhere it is supposed to.  The two crescent moons to either side act as shields, warding problems, and also reinforcing that blood flow is a cycle, just like the phases of the moon, and the flow should wax and wane (arteries to veins to heart to arteries…) in a healthy manner at a healthy pace (your heartbeat).  In the complex sigil, the eight lines in the center of the octagon also represent the wheel of the year, further reinforcing repeated and predictable cycles (lunar and solar aid).

Healthy Cycle – Further reinforcement of the idea that the blood should flow in a healthy cycle throughout the body.

The infinity symbol above the heart reinforces that the cycle must continue indefinitely as long as the person is alive.  Also, a further layer of meaning on the circle which begins and ends with the heart.

Support for positive responses to treatment – This one wards against detrimental side effects, and bolsters odds of success when receiving proper medical treatment.

This one is both the + in the heart, and the pentagram over the infinity symbol.  It is also another layer of meaning on the crescent moons.

Swift and effective treatment – To speed up the ability to receive medical treatment, and for that treatment to be exactly what you need.

The U with arrows at the top represents this intent.  It forms a sort of smiley face, because we are much happier when we are able to receive the care we need in a timely manner.  The arrows are also supporting the structure of the blood flow.  It also doesn’t matter how we get there, as long as we are able to get the care we need when we need it.

Efficient exchange of 02 All of the above doesn’t matter if your body is not properly exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide while the blood circulates.  This one is to encourage proper exchange, so that the body receives all the oxygen it needs, and is able to expel the carbon dioxide it does not need.

On the complex version of the sigil, the + – + – + – pattern is repeated down the center of the double circle.  In the simplified version, it is placed with the sign wave.  In both cases, it represents that as the blood flows, oxygen and carbon dioxide are constantly being traded, give and take.  If you would like, you can include that pattern in both locations, even though I did not create an example which is structured that way.

Healthy Bloodflow Sigil (complex version). Image by author.

How to Use the Sigil

You can use this sigil in any way that is in line with its intent and makes sense for your practice.  Some ideas are to:

* inscribe it on a candle
* print it or draw it on a piece of paper and place it on your altar or somewhere you see regularly
* put a copy in your wallet
* use it as the wallpaper, login background, or screen saver on your phone, tablet, or computer
* make something crafty and include the sigil in your creation
* use it as a focus for meditation
* draw it on the body using salted water, makeup, anointing oil, an herb blend, body paint, henna, markers, temporary tattoo pens, etc.
* and so on

Your rendering of the sigil does not need to be perfect.  Intent is what matters, so don’t worry if you can’t draw multiple perfect circles.  As long as the elements are there, it doesn’t even matter if it looks like chicken scratches.

Like any sigil, it will be most effective when it is used in conjunction with real-world actions.  Be sure to do what you can physically to treat your condition, and be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions.  The sigil alone is not going to fix everything, but it can give a powerful boost to the actions you take, and hopefully help you live a longer life.

If you wish you use it as a focus in workings to help the world in general and anyone who needs it, you are welcome to do so.  Instead of focusing the sigil for a single person/situation, send the intent to help anyone who is struggling and could use the benefits of the sigil.

Healthy Bloodflow Sigil (simplified version). Image by author.


If you share this sigil, be sure to link back to this blog post so others who see it can find out exactly what it is charged to do.  Sigils are most effective when the user knows exactly what they were created to do, and that is also the only way they can be certain this sigil is right for them and their situation.

This sigil is Creative Commons licensed:

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon the work non-commercially, as long as they credit Sidney Eileen and license their new creations under the identical terms.

Want to Make Your Own Sigils?

I use the method described in the excellent book Sigil Witchery, by Laura Tempest Zakroff.  If this interests you, go grab a copy.  I really cannot recommend it enough.



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