Simple Witchery: Glamour Magick For Your Home . . .

Simple Witchery: Glamour Magick For Your Home . . . May 4, 2020

. . . Conjuring Comfort in Troubling Times

The world is a scary place right now. It’s only natural to feel worried about yourself and loved ones. It’s only natural to be anxious about an uncertain future. We’re spending more time inside our homes, isolated from extended family, friends and social activities. It’s perfectly natural to want our lives to be normal again.

We’re spending more time inside our homes. Photo by Florian Ahrendt via Pixabay.

In the coming months, we’ll all need to find to ways to reach out and work together. If you’re feeling disconnected from your witchy community, or unsure how to maintain your practice during this pandemic, read 6 Pagan Roles To Fill During The Quarantine… And Afterward, by John Beckett.

Other than staying home (staying home as much as you can is of the utmost importance), there is little we can do to contain the spread of this deadly virus. And it seems we have even less immediate influence over the way governments choose to mitigate, or in some cases exacerbate, the dangers. It’s no wonder it feels like everything is spinning out of control.

But there are things within your control, steps you can take to feel some sense of agency. Experts in health and wellness suggest limiting the time spent watching and reading sensational news, curating your social media accounts to weed out triggers, eating well, getting enough rest, and regular physical exercise to relieve stress.

Spending time in creative activity is calming. Completing tasks, like organizing storage, finishing maintenance projects or just spring cleaning, provides a sense of accomplishment, helps boosts serotonin levels, and can lessen feelings of anxiety. But what about your magick?

Your surroundings set the tone for how you feel. Image by Free-Photos via Pixabay.

Seeing Is Believing

I’m sure you’ve already cast a protection spell or two, cleansed your space, and fortified your boundaries. Maybe you’ve powered up personal talismans and charms. But have you considered putting a glamour spell on your home? Your surroundings set the tone for how you feel.

Humans are creatures of habit—for many biological reasons. Our minds are lulled by patterns and the familiar. Daily routines become rote actions, so much so that we sometimes don’t even remember the specifics. Have you ever arrived at a destination and been surprised to be there, unable to remember the actual details of driving the familiar route?

Physically, we have muscle memory. Muscle memory is the reason we can walk without concentrating on each step, why musicians can play a piece flawlessly after much practice, and why a star athlete performs with consistent grace and precision.

Even our spirit becomes attached to repetition, thriving on the emotional experience of daily activities, whether it be the joy of going to a job we love, or the drama of a job we dislike. We become addicted to repeated feelings, good or bad.

These daily routines feed us and any disruption in the flow of that data to our mind, body, and spirit triggers a kind of withdrawal. As this pandemic goes on, we all just want to get back to the routines that bring us comfort and assure us everything will be all right.

Usually, we think of glamour magick as projecting our personal aura to manifest a desired illusion. A sort of fool-the-eye sorcery. Seeing is believing, but so is touching, smelling, tasting, hearing—what we experience though all of our senses plays a very big part in what our mind believes. We can tap into that power by manipulating the input. In this way, glamour magick doesn’t have to be what you project, but rather what your mind believes based on what your senses perceive.

I’m not talking about sticking your head in the sand, or adopting a Pollyanna philosophy—thinking everything is okay if you just believe it is. I’m suggesting you try some practical magic, crafting your surroundings to support the feelings you desire.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful ~ William Morris

The popular William Morris quote is often cited by home organizing professionals, joy sparkers, and death cleaners, but forget that. Instead, think of the quote in light of any typical vacation lodging—lobbies and rooms are free of clutter, surfaces are clear and clean, decor is large scale, visually expanding the space, creating a sense of breathing room. There is no bric-a-brac competing for your eye. The stage is set for relaxation and you feel it the minute you walk in.

Florida Water for consecrating space. Photo Credit: Keeli Smith, used by the author with permission.

Clean and Clear

Start creating your home glamour with a good spring cleaning. You can set the first layer of magick by enchanting your cleaning products with herbs corresponding to the emotion you want to manifest. Read more about magical cleaning in my previous post, Simple Witchery: Witchcraft In The Time Of Coronavirus.

Eliminate what clutter you can, even if it’s only temporary, until it’s safe to be out and about again. Stash it in boxes, store it in the attic or garage, slide it under beds, stack it in a corner and drape it with fabric. Give your eyes a rest.

Consecrate your space with sacred smoke from herbs or incense. If you prefer not to use smoke, mix up a batch of holy water  or fragrant Florida water to mist the air. Use herbs or essential oils that enhance the mood of your glamour. I like floral scents of rose, lilac and peony; probably because the fragrance of these flowers brings me back to my childhood.

Repeat a simple chant to bestow blessing, protection, and the energies you wish to invoke.

I clear and bless this space with sacred smoke (or sacred water). I call on the energies of love, protection and comfort to fill my (our) home.*  Blessed be this house and all who dwell herein.

 *Add any other energies you wish to call in, like rest, peace of mind, passion, creativity, etc. Appeal to the plant and herbs used to lend their aspects.

Setting The Stage

It doesn’t matter if you live alone, with your spouse or partner, kids, or pets. Simply claim your space, whether it’s the whole house, a single room, or one tiny corner to call sanctuary, then set the stage for your glamour spell.

Make it comfortable and inviting, whether that means a nest of fluffy pillows and cozy blankets in a room with low light, or comfortable seating at the brightly lit dining table with a view outdoors, where you can work from home and the kids can complete their online school hours.

Bring in the four elements:

  • Fire: Candles or twinkle lights, a fireplace if you’re lucky to have one.
  • Water: A trickling table-top fountain, a dish of seashells or sea glass, pictures of the ocean, a lake, river, or waterfall.
  • Air: Wind chimes, a scent diffuser or incense, even a small a fan with ribbons tied on.
  • Earth: Crystals and stones, a salt lamp or dish of salt, clay pottery, houseplants, fresh cut flowers and herbs.

Appeal to as many senses as you can. Create visual vignettes with magickal and mundane objects, think of them as little altars to peace and serenity.

Create rituals around your meals. Think of that special dinner date at an elegant restaurant, a burger, fries and a malt at a drive-in, or a picnic spread. Each one creates a different mood—you can do the same at home.

  • Start a tradition of tea parties (with or without kids).
  • Use the good china every day.
  • Light candles at the dinner table.
  • Learn to cook a traditional dish of your ancestors.
  • Establish an afternoon coffee or tea break, or cocktail hour.
Create pleasing vignettes to help create your home glamour. Photo by cocoparisienne via Pixabay.

Play music to set a tone:

  • Create playlists to help you relax or give you a boost of energy.
  • Listen to favorite tunes that recall happy times in your life.
  • Chant (YouTube has numerous videos to get you started if you’re new to chanting).

Enjoy peace and quiet too. Designate an inviting spot for reading, day dreaming and meditative time outs. Short on space? Toss the sofa cushions on the floor, turn down the lights and quiet your mind. Even small children can be taught to meditate for short periods of time, and once they understand the concept they’re more likely to respect your quiet times. I used to play a game when my children were toddlers, who can stay quiet the longest? Sit or lie down in a circle—the first one to speak is out, until there is only one remaining. Impromptu naps are a bonus!

Create an inviting, relaxing space for quiet times. Photo by Irina L via Pixabay.

The Big Picture

If you’ve decorated your home for a holiday or special occasion, you’ve practiced glamour magick—it’s not hard. Decide the energy and emotions you want to invoke, think of other situations where you’ve felt that way (like on a vacation, or walking into a spa, yoga studio or mystical shop), and bring the same elements into your home.

When you’ve set the stage for your glamour, activate the magick by reciting the simple spell below, while lighting a candle. I suggest a seven-day candle (use weekly, not daily) consecrated for this purpose. Light the candle and repeat the spell once a week, after cleaning and refreshing your space.

I call the light of true beauty to fill this space,
I bless this home with energy of comfort and peace
May ease and harmony abound
May all those who dwell here feel safe and sound
So mote it be.

 You can also create a basic power grid to increase the magick by placing four crystals aligned with each cardinal point, and one crystal in the center. Activate the grid by using a quartz point, touching it to each of your grid crystals in a deosil circle, and crosswise, touching the center crystal (imagine you are drawing a circle with a cross through the middle).

As witches, we can call on our Magick to help us through difficult times, but please remember that safety starts on the mundane level. Safer at home is not the reality for many who are victims of domestic violence. Lack of personal safety during isolation is a serious concern, but one I am not qualified to address. I’ll just say that if you are in danger and can reach out for help, please do. If you suspect somebody you know, or somebody near you, is being abused or suffering neglect please report it. Be smart and stay safe with these tips from Psychology Today.

Additionally, many are struggling financially. If you’ve lost your source of income, or you’ve had to close your business and fear it won’t survive a lengthy shut down, floofing up your home isn’t going to solve your problems, but it might give your spirits a boost, and help you stay grounded and focused.

About Willow Rose
Willow Rose is a wildcraft witch foraging the forests and fields in the northern Wisconsin, where she resides with her husband and resident feline. She is a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator, Wellness Coach, and creator of the Self CARE™ program of personal development. You can read more about the author here.
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