Simple Witchery: Love In The Cards?

Simple Witchery: Love In The Cards? May 15, 2020

. . . A Tarot Reading for Venus in Retrograde

Venus is in retrograde for the first time in two years (May 13 to June 25). Not only is the planet of love going all retro on us in the sway of fickle Gemini’s influence, it sidles up closer to earth than any other planet. This means Venus is bringing its full powers of seduction to bear on us mere mortals. Let’s just say it’s going to make things interesting.

If you’d like the answers to everything you ever wanted to know about love—your love to be exact, take advantage of this brief but intense rendezvous with Venus by laying a simple six card spread. My Lovers’ Question reading uses three pairs of questions that give a nod to Gemini’s influence of duality, while offering insights into the give and take of making love work.

Not in a current relationship, but looking for the right one for you? No problem; the cards will reveal where your heart lies and help open your eyes to see the possibilities—the right one might be the one right under your nose.

The spread begins with two crucial questions, what do you love about your romantic partner (or in a potential match) and what do you value? Whether these two cards reveal similar or opposing ideas isn’t a verdict on your relationship, as much as a peek into your love style.

Moon and Venus in the night sky. Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay .

Opposites can and do attract, and peas in a pod do go together. Neither is better than the other, but knowing these two foundations to love will explain a lot.

Moving on to the next pair, get ready for insight into what works in your favor, and what would be better put out with yesterday’s trash.

A popular song lyric asks, “Should I stay or should I go?” Puh-leese. Who needs all the drama of ultimate solutions? Love is about the daily give and take, where you can lean in and where you should draw your lines in the sand. Look to these two cards for aspects, behaviors, or values you’ll want to embrace, and those you might want to release to deepen your love bond.

To wrap up this reading, first listen to your intuition. What is your gut telling you, what do you really know about love? Your understanding of how love shows up in your life, with your family, in your friendships, even in your working partnerships, will tell you a lot about your romantic relationship, if you listen.

Finally, with the last card of this pairing, get ready for a surprise. How will you know . . .  Wait, how will you know what? How will you know if this one is the right one? How will you know if you are ready for love? How will you know if your match is coming—and when? This card will reveal the question at hand, and give you the answer.

As with any reading, if the cards seem confusing you can pull a few more to gain clarity, either for an individual card or cards, or for the overall reading.

If you’re not in a current romantic relationship and aren’t looking for one, this reading will work equally as well for friendships, and platonic pairings such as family members or work partners.

After all, love comes into play in every area of our lives, and truly does make the world go ’round.

Love makes the world go ’round. Image by Linus Schütz from Pixabay.

Sample Reading

  1. What do I love about (person in question or romantic partner in general)?

Nine of Cups: Your cup runneth over with all the things you love about your romantic partner—it’s impossible to name just one. Your heart literally swells with emotions whenever you think of the object of your desires. This card could indicate a deeply forged bond between two people who have worked hard to achieve a fulfilling match. Congratulations, now is the time to indulge in the pleasures of true love and appreciate your better half for all they bring to the relationship

Alternately, the Nine of Cups showing up in this reading could point to an idealized infatuation or expectation, especially if you’re feeling unfulfilled, or have often been disappointed in love and continue to look for that perfect one.

  1. What do I value in this (or a desired) relationship?

Four of Swords: The feeling of opposing energy from the first card to this one nearly gave me whiplash!

Generally we think of the four of swords as rest and respite, especially after a battle or struggle—not what we want to think of when considering loving relationships. Remember that swords relate to intellect and thought—brain energy. Fours are foundational. This card is speaking to a basic belief you hold regarding what makes for good relationships—in this case, the need to feel safe enough to lay your “swords” down and be vulnerable without fear of being hurt. You have your lover’s back and you expect him/her/them to have yours.

Six of Cups is the epitome of innocent and joyful love. Image by jarmoluk via Pixabay.
  1. What should I keep?

Six of Cups: In this reading, the Six of Cups shows up as the epitome of pure and innocent love. Not unconditional love such as that of a parent for a child, but the kind of love we shared with a best friend from childhood, the love that revels in simply being in each other’s company, love that thrives on kindness, loyalty, and kindred spirit. Hold fast to your belief that friendship and compatibility make love joyful.

4.  What should I let go of?

Strength: Let’s face it, when it comes to relationships we all plead with the powers that be, “Give me strength.”  Genuine love isn’t necessarily easy love, sometimes we need all the strength we can get, but not always. I often tell clients the Strength card is all about power of, not power over. Are you overbearing or forceful, do you always want to have the upper hand, always have to win the argument? In this position, the Strength card urges you to consider where you might soften your edges and give some of your power to your partner.

Trust your intuition. Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash.

5.  What is my gut telling me?

Seven of Wands: The suit of wands is associated with fire, passion or sexuality (the two are not always the same), action, and intensity. Sevens generally reflect lessons. The figure in traditional tarot decks holds one wand in a somewhat defensive stance, while the other six all point toward him. This card suggests the energy of defending and protecting. It could indicate that you feel unprepared and overwhelmed for the challenge of love (especially in light of the previous card). However it could also be telling you that you have the courage of your convictions, that your love/relationship is always worth defending against whatever challenges or threats may come. In this reading the Seven of Wands is telling you that when all is said and done, the hardships you survive together make your love stronger . . . but you’ve always known that.

  1. How will I know?

Ace of Cups. The beginning of the suit of love pretty much sums it up—that feeling you get when you know you would do it all over again.

Looking for love in your cards. Image by JOAN A BROWN from Pixabay.

Clarifying Answers

The Strength card offers a perfect example for pulling additional cards (1 – 3) for more clarification on the meaning specific to this reading.

  1. Ten of Pentacles: Indicates there may be power struggles over financial matters, perhaps more so around saving for the future, or anything to do with inheritance (that you will leave, or one receive(d).
  2. Ace of Swords: Indicates basic or fundamental differences in belief, likely over traditional roles, perhaps around money in this case.
  3. Death: Something has to die in order for something new to live. This comes full circle back to what you will let go of, what has to be trimmed away (sword) for new growth? What power over, or imagined power over, will you let go of?

If you try this reading, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Also, hit me up with any questions you have about the spread, or specific to your cards.

About Willow Rose
Willow Rose is a wildcraft witch foraging the forests and fields in the northern Wisconsin, where she resides with her husband and resident feline. She is a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator, Wellness Coach, and creator of the Self CARE™ program of personal development. You can read more about the author here.
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