Druid in the City: When You Just Can’t …

Druid in the City: When You Just Can’t … November 7, 2020

Time is wibbly-wobbly. It stretches and compresses in the oddest ways. And still, one day looks much like another – sitting in my “office” at home, staring out the window with no one to talk to but my partner. Too much zoom and not enough people.

Add to that the fact that all my normal recharging mechanisms are impossible (they involve things like crowds and festivals and dinners out), and I’m drained and exhausted. Logical thoughts of topics have jumped off the balcony and have vanished into the roadwork below.

I did something else entirely. Image by the author.

So what do you do when you have a blog to write for that you’re trying really hard to keep at a regular cadence? I did something else entirely.

I have a Skillshare account and took a class on creating art on my iPad with apps I already had. So I created something else entirely.  I played with color and highlights and shapes and … well, I played.  There was no expectation of coming up with something I could share or even something nice. It was just playing.

We need to play. Especially in times when we are limited in what we can do. Like this time.

Create a bit of crazy of your own. Image by Ryan McGuire via Pixabay.

Play. Do something just for the fun of it. Play with your pets, your kids, your partner, yourself … whatever is just for you and fun …. something that takes more than just a few minutes!  Take 30 minutes, take an hour, take a day – whatever you can take, take it. And if you only have 5 minutes, start with that.

Do something fun. Do something JUST for the joy of doing it. Play with colors if you like art, play an instrument if you like doing that, play with your dog or cat, run outside with your kids, or heck, just run outside in the leaves! Just play. Give yourself over to the joy of just being. Put on some crazy music and dance and sing. Try one of the TikTok dances!  No one has to see or hear you. Be in the moment and just do.

Take a few (or many) minutes, and take a break from the insanity and create a bit of crazy of your own.

The world will still be there when you’re done, but there’s only one you. Take care of that person.

About Victoria S
Victoria is a practical Druid who struggles with balancing an urban life and a spiritual life. She is a member of two of the largest Druidry organizations - Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) and the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD). Victoria's Druidry is about helping out in little ways, bringing hope and compassion where she can, and doing what she can to support those around her. Druidry, to her, is about engaging with the world in a way that makes sense to your circumstances and location. You can read more about the author here.

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