Between Two Worlds: Time Marches On

Between Two Worlds: Time Marches On March 23, 2021

Time marches on. I woke up this morning with this song in my head. So I decided to take a long walk on the Erie Canal Trail near where I live to see if that song would go away. It didn’t. Here’s the song:

While I was outdoors communing with nature I suddenly remembered what happened a year ago. Not that I could forget. It was when Wisconsin went into lockdown from the Covid-19 pandemic. After two people there crossed over with Covid-19 a couple days before. That was when I still lived there.

Yes, time marches on. It reminds me of the Wheel of the Year. It doesn’t stop for any of us. Not for life, and certainly not for death. When the Spring Equinox arrived I was overjoyed. Yay! Warm weather is coming. Hekate and Demeter brought back Persephone from the Underworld. I can do more hiking now. But with who?

I can do more hiking now. But with who? Image by Robert_C via Pixabay.

For so many who have crossed over from complications with the Covid-19 virus, time stopped. I think most of us have known someone who has died from the virus. It doesn’t discriminate, no matter who you are. Are my sister and I safe from the virus? Not really, even though we have had our first shot of the Moderna vaccine last week.

We still wear our face masks everywhere we go. We social distance from other people. And wash our hands frequently. Then I think of those who no longer can do even that. Simple things were taken away from those who are no longer here. But does the Wheel of the Year stop? NO. And we must deal with the problems we are given.

During a rather deep meditation coming back from PantheaCon a year ago in February a message from Hekate came to me. You need to move back east to your matriarchal motherland. It was a very strong message. Even though I knew there was a pandemic I knew very little about it. This is what I wrote about our move back here.

Lately I’ve thought more about our move back here. What would have happened if we’d waited? Should we have waited? Then these words from the song answered my questions. “South moves North, North moves South. A star is born, a star burns out. The only thing that stays the same is everything changes.”

Time waits for nobody. Image by Jill Wellington via Pixabay.

Time waits for nobody. Just like the Wheel of the Year, it keeps on moving along. When we first moved back here on Beltane last year, I almost immediately was thinking about where I might move next. When my sister first moved to be with me in Wisconsin, she missed the friends that she had back here. But like then, it’s best that we live together. She’s lives with chronic pain and I can help her out doing some things that are difficult for her. And we share expenses which helps both of us financially.

In a way the pandemic has helped me realize that I need to be happy where I am in the moment. Not like most of my life in this incarnation, where I was never sure if where I was at the time was where I wanted to be. If anything has been taught to me since we moved back here, it was to be grateful for all the things I do have. We have a wonderful place to live, we have enough food to eat, and plenty of clothes for all seasons.

Yes, I do miss my pagan community. But I’m not alone in that regard. I’m grateful that I have access to online events that a lot of us used to attend in person. Zoom has really helped facilitate so much of what I, and others, miss. I’ve been able to learn more by taking online classes from other pagans. At least I can see a lot of my pagan friends that way. Will we return to normal? Eventually I believe we will. Or, maybe a new way of looking at life.

Time does march on. Image by anncapictures via Pixabay.

The longer that I’m here I’m happy that Hekate gave me the guidance that I needed at the time. My sister is much happier and isn’t lonely. I’m happy that I can walk to a trail that’s hundred’s of miles long. And spring has sprung here. New adventures await me. That I’m sure of.

What and where will they be? Not sure. Time does march on. Until next time, somewhere…sometime…in the future!

About Brianne Raven Wolf
Brianne Raven Wolf has identified as a Pagan from a very young age. She is an active member of Circle Sanctuary in Wisconsin. She volunteers her time there helping at most Full Moon Rituals, as well as some workshops, Circle events, and Sanctuary work days. At Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) 2017, she became the first Pagan Transwoman to have the Senioring Rite of Passage. She follows a Hekatean Witchcraft Spiritual Path. To relax, she likes to walk, camp, and hike as much as possible in very rural areas. Brianne is also an avid reader, especially young adult novels. You can read more about the author here.
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