Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cat October 28, 2015
dontbeaSeveral years back I was invited to do a motivational speaking event with a sprinkle of readings. The event was held at a large expo center that was currently housing several meetings and conferences besides for the one I was attending. One of those conferences, directly across the hall from where I was sitting with a sign that largely said – Kristy Robinett – Psychic Medium & Life Coach, was a conference hosted by Michigan’s Governor and the center was filled with secret service, military and police, many of which commented (or shall I say laughed) at my sign. Chuck sat nearby and I could feel his protective energy grow larger as my scaredy cat began to come out. I felt the urge to run away and I avoided eye contact with those snickering and pointing at me as if I was the bearded lady at the carnival. I could also hear them saying in their head – “What a phony!” and just as I was about to look for an espape of some sort, two FBI agents came up to me.
“Psychic Medium, huh?” the one said and laughed.
I politely smiled and nodded.
“Prove it,” the other said to me.
Normally I would smile, shake my head and say ‘no thanks’, but something told me to not do that. Namely his mom.
Next to the prove it agent, was petite lady with short blonde hair. Her face was gentle and loving and she asked me to give him a message.
“Your mom is right beside you. She says she is sorry that she passed last year when you were on the cruise with your wife and daughter. She has your brother with her too. She asks that you call dad every so often. He isn’t the easiest to get along with, but he does love you and he does miss you – and you are just like him.”
He turned ghost white and started to tear up. He looked over at his friend who just stood there staring at me.
“There isn’t any way you could have known any of that. Damn!”
He grabbed my business card off of the table, wiped his wet eyes with the back of his hand, and walked in to the bathroom without a goodbye. His friend just followed without a word.
I took a deep breathe and then looked for that inner scaredy cat, but she wasn’t there. I heard my guide say to me, “You are not the image that they think you, you are the image you create for you.” And isn’t that the truth?
As many of you know the last few weeks have been a challenge for me. After a newspaper reported on a library event that I was speaking at I began to receive serious death threats that weren’t contained simply to the internet, but also via email and a note left on my car. I was grateful that law enforcement took me seriously and the event last week was met with 400 plus in attendance, including two undercover plain clothes police officers. I felt horrible having to use them, but I was grateful too. I was also grateful for the large group of friends who came out to support me – one of which told me he would’ve taken a bullet for me, but was happy that it didn’t come to that. Ha.  My own scaredy cat came out again, though. It wasn’t that I believed I was going to be killed, it instead was  the horrible things being said about me.  And then I remembered….our fears and insecurities are based on the possibility, not the actuality and I didn’t have to buy into what they were trying to sell. It wasn’t true and I was giving my energy away by paying attention to it. I kicked my inner scaredy cat. 
It is time to kick your inner scaredy cat aside! You are better than you see yourself. You are more gifted than you treat yourself. And so honor yourself the way you want others to honor you. Don’t be a scaredy cat.
You won’t always get the opportunity to peer into your own demons, nor will you want to. You may run away and hide, but don’t hide for too long because it is then that you begin to lose yourself.

5 Things to Scare the Scaredy Cat Away
1. Take a step towards what scares you. It is okay if you feel threatened at first. But don’t allow the fear of the moment to jade your intuition.
2. Envision what you want (and not what you don’t want) and like a movie, see how you want it to be played out.
3. Write your story the way that you want it go. Actually get out a paper and pen out and write it. Write out the things that scaer you and really look at it. You will probably see that it isn’t as scary as you think.
4. Stay productive. The more time you have time to over-think, the more time you have to create false ghosts. Have a go-to creative project – knit, crochet, paint, write, cook, bake, read, etc.
5. Believe. Even if you don’t feel that you have anything to believe, you sometimes have to fake it till you become it.

Fear holds us all back from our own success in all aspects of our life. Isn’t it time to kick the scaredy cat out?

 I believe in YOU!

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