LUCKY Friday the 13th

LUCKY Friday the 13th November 13, 2015

the13thToday is my birthday. Yep, I was born on the 13th of November, but not only that, I was born on a Friday the 13th, and on my dad’s birth date as well. I’ve always treasured the number 13 as a lucky one, but not everyone does. There are times when I’ve had to tell my birth date to a clerk and they back away like I’ve been cursed. I’ve heard everything from, “So that’s what’s wrong with you”, to “I would be so mad at my mom for that!” I just laugh at it all. I once did aCoast to Coast segment on Friday the 13th where I discussed the fear of the number 13 and different historical accounts as to where it came from. Some believe Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday the 13th. There is also another belief that Friday was the day that Eve tempted Adam to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. The number 13 is significant because there were 13 people at “The Last Supper”. Another significant reason is that it was on Friday the 13th that Cain was slain by Abel. Then there’s the Friday the 13th horror empire. When I was single and dating, I had my date ask me my birthday and I told him, and he said it would never work with us because 13 was his unlucky number. Needless to say that was our first and last date. AND he didn’t even know that I was a professional psychic medium!

>Instead of getting caught up in the paranoia of a number or a day, I choose to create my own ‘luck’.

Choose Your Attitude – Wake up every morning and decide that attitude you will have. Use that as a mantra or a daily goal. Do you want to be happy? Inspirational? Or do you want to be miserable and feel miserable. Like attracts like. Choose your attitude. The more you practice, the easier it will be.
Trust Your Intuition – Those gut instincts serve us very well when we listen, trust and follow through. This works for me at the casino. Wait – did I just say that?
See the Rainbow – Even if it is raining out, and maybe even storming, see that rainbow.
Take Chances – If you don’t try new things, you will never know what you enjoy or don’t. “Luck is not as random as you think. Before that lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it.” ― Vera Nazarian.
Get Back Up – We all fall. But it those that get back up after the fall that walk to the finish line.

Be Like a Duck – As the saying goes, be like water off a duck’s back. Try to not allow any negativity that surrounds you to affect you. I know, I know….but once you swim in muddy water, you get muddy.

If you are feeling unlucky or feeling as if the chaos will never end, doing the above doesn’t automatically give you the Happily Ever After.  Not everybody will reconcile who had broken up or all will be forgotten if there had been an argument.  Instead, think of it as a rebuild after a recent earthquakes. It takes time, a whole lot of energy and patience. The cracks that happened during the storm have to be healed. Things that didn’t work must be let go of and instead of dwelling on the past, taking the time to work towards the rebirth, step by step.  In the end, you will become an even stronger person, built to withstand anything. So embrace your lucky.

I believe in YOU!
Kristy Robinett

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