Witch…Please October 8, 2018

In seventeenth-century New England, virtually everyone believed in witches and hundreds of individuals faced charges of practicing witchcraft, both men and women. Their witchy ways were blamed for calamities ranging from ailing animals to the death of infant children. Many were accused. Many didn’t go to trial. Mary Parsons Bliss was accused due to a variety of issues that plagued her neighbor and resulted in her being arrested. She went to trial  in 1656, 1674, and possibly again in 1679 before she was finally acquitted. Although she had to live her lifetime with the stigma, she was still was a survivor, unlike the six Massachusetts women who were hanged as witches in the years before the infamous Salem witch trials, where another 24 innocent lives were taken.

Mary is an ancestor of mine; a grandmother many generations back. Her story has been translated many ways. Many, even today, believe she was truly a witch – and yet her trial ended eons ago.

Several years ago I was sent a specific threat, given for a specific place all because they didn’t like I was a medium and I wrote about heaven. That autumn became known by local law enforcement as the Kristy Witch Trials. Now there was also the threat to set me on fire, which fueled (pun intended) it. My family asked that I lay low, but I refused to be bullied by grown men. I stood my ground with a “Witch, please.”

We all go through trials in our life that can destroy us, derail us, or motivate us. Each one of us are given something called faith. When afraid and doubting, that faith brightens the lantern of hope so the darkness doesn’t envelope and suck us into an abyss. You can focus on the suffering, of find your “Witch…please!”

I believe in you.

Kristy Robinett

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