January Oracle Reading

January Oracle Reading January 11, 2016

Below are 5 cards from one of Doreen Virtue’s Oracle Deck. The backs are all the same, but by using your intuition, choose one of the cards that calls most to you. Take a deep breathe in and out. Don’t second guess yourself – just choose.   oraclecards

We all have intuition. Every single one of us. It doesn’t mean that you have to hang up a flashy ‘Psychic’ sign on your office door, but you can if you want. Intuition comes from within us, around us and from past experiences. It is supposed to teach us what to do and where to go and who to trust even if you don’t have the complete road map in front of you. It is that turn-by-turn direction that we all have, but we doubt and create false scenarios in our head, especially if there is a lot of grey around us. It makes it easier to point fingers at others than to own the burden of responsibility. And yet when we get burned, we punish ourselves because we knew.  When a knowing can’t be explained, we instead attempt to rationalize it.

And so people go to see mediums, psychics and life coaches to validate the knowing. Most all of the time my clients don’t need me. Yes, I said it. They don’t. They merely need to trust that their inner GPS is synced and giving them correct directions, yet hearing it from another source helps to inspire and (as I mentioned above) lessons some of the responsibility through the decisions. I become the scapegoat. And it’s okay because I don’t own that anymore. I used to, but I discovered that I have my own decisions to make in life. We each have free will. We each have free choice. The choice is up to you to embrace your knowing, but it is also your choice to follow through on your knowing.

It is easy to point fingers and blame others for the situation you are in. But maturity and responsibility is what helps you live a fulfilled life. You give up your own power pointing fingers and ducking responsibility. We’ve all gone through tough times and tough people. And we have the ability to choose who we spend our time on, our money on and our love on. So if you want to change any affliction, look at yourself because it is that which you can change. You can reap thorns or you can reap fruit. The chose is yours.

By trusting your own intuition, taking the advice and following through on the actions – you will be amazed by your life outcome with more fulfillment in all areas. Sure, it isn’t easy, but well worth it in the end. Aren’t you worth that? Aren’t you worth starting a new month by embracing you and your knowing? Aren’t you worth starting a new year by embracing your knowing? I think you are!



If you chose the top left card, you chose THERE’S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. Things will work out for you. Now this doesn’t mean to just sit on the sidelines, no…instead it means to turn that worry into action. Most times the things that we worry about never happens. So instead of festering in the what ifs, start making life happen.

If you chose the top middle card, you chose ENTREPRENEUR. 2016 may be your year to start a business or change careers. You have so many ideas that now is the time for you to implement them. Stop chasing your dreams and start demanding that they happen.

If you chose the top right card, you chose LET YOUR PAST GO. You have been hurt. We all have been. But the anchor that you have around your soul is keeping you from your now and your future. The past taught you life lessons and now it is time for you to use those instead of mourning what has happened. Stop giving your past the power and reclaim your life.

If you chose the bottom left card, you chose OPPORTUNITY TO FORGIVE. You are either upset with yourself or another. It is time for you to forgive. You might want to write a letter to the person (even if yourself) that you are upset with. Put a voice to your concerns. And then rip it up or burn it. A great article on Forgiveness is here. 

If you chose the bottom right card, you chose – CUPID.  It is time to look within and find some self-love. As you begin to love yourself, you will find that the relationships around you will also be satisfying. If you are single and wondering if you will ever find someone, yes, you will – but there is still some self-love work to be done. If you are in a relationship, the intimacy within this relationship will improve, but only if you realize that you can’t take advantage of the comfortable situation, but work to keep the spark going.  _____________________________________________________________________________

Kristy Robinett (Livonia, MI) is a professional psychic medium. In addition to giving readings and teaching workshops, she uses her psychic skills to assist with police investigations. Kristy lectures across the country and has appeared on Fox NewsABC News, and Coast to Coast. She is also the author of  It’s a Wonderful AfterlifeMessenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic MediumHigher Intuitions OracleGhosts of Southeast Michigan and Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore. Visit her online at KristyRobinett.com.

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