Soul Renovations

Soul Renovations January 18, 2016

taketimeFor the past week I’ve been holed up in my house in an attempt to complete several looming writing projects. Fireplace on, fuzzy blanket and laptop in place, snow softly falling and cats napping around me. Although it may perfect, I haven’t felt inspired in any sense of the word. When in spare moments I felt a creative nudge, I would re-look at it and decide it was awful, curse and have a mini inner fit. I have, however, during this time, spent hours staring at a blank screen (I called this meditating whenever my husband came into the room) and watched an awful lot of Property Brothers and Fixer Upper on HGTV (of which I tried to say was creative research, but seeing as I am not writing about renovations, it just didn’t fly). I also have been nursing a horrible migraine, of which I’m sure staring at a bright blank computer screen or a bright television screen, along with the stress of staring at the bright blank computer screen aided in headache. There’s always sensibilities when you really look. So as I avoided  worked on my manuscript with Chip and Joanne Gaines fixing old houses on the television, it hit me that my soul was in need of some renovations as well. Not a huge overhaul, just some TLC. I glanced over at my VISION BOARD and re-read some of the words and quotes I carefully chose to focus on for 2016:


I realized that I was beating myself up over everything not being perfect, and just then I looked up at the television again to see the end result of an older home restored with love and patience, using all of it’s charming characteristics and imperfect uniqueness and I set down the laptop, turned off the television, turned off my cell phone and decided that I was in need of some soul restoration. Not in order to change me, but to re-focus.

  • Focus on your health – {I went to the clinic about my migraine and had a yummy massage}
  • Clear up your priorities – {Nothing was really pressing. I was making it pressing}
  • The gratitude shift – {I wrote down all the things that I was grateful for}
  • Be with your friends – {We scheduled a date night with our friends}
  • Take a time out EVERY day and turn the world OFF – {The phone and all other electronics just needs to be turned off. Believe me when I say that you will survive this}
Just as home renovations are rarely complete overnight, neither does a soul renovation. I needed to take some time to renovate my energy, my health, and my creativity. I needed to release and to cry and to begin again.

If you are feeling lost, anxious, depressed, lacking creativity or whatever it is – remember to stop sabotaging yourself.  Stop comparing yourself to others and beating yourself up like I was this week. Not sure what to start? Small changes are so often more rewarding and long lasting than huge leaps. So on this chilly January day, I hope that if you are going through the winter blues that you can see the forthcoming blooms that are being promised for very soon. 


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