New Beginning Intuition

New Beginning Intuition December 29, 2020

We all have intuition and we all are being guided, whether we listen or not is another story. Below are 4 Oracle cards from Lucy Cavendish called Faerytale Oracle. Take a couple deep breathes and ask your guides and your angels what it is that you need to know. Then choose a number.

Which one speaks to you? There’s no bad answer.


If you chose #1 – Fairies – WORDS – You are a magical being and have an amazing gift of manifestation. Watch the thoughts in your head and speak words of beauty, especially for and about yourself.

Have you felt hurt or hurt someone else? It’s time to write down all the grudges and release them.

Have you been wanting to write a book or blog? This card speaks to that effort.

Words have deep meaning. Use positive words and watch the shift happen.



If you chose Card #2 – The Little Mermaid – SACRIFICE – Are you restricting your own voice? Have you bent backwards over and over for another only to feel disappointed? Have you tried to painfully fit into a world that doesn’t feel accepting? This card asks why you are sacrificing yourself. You are being asked to love yourself first. You are being asked to find your voice. It doesn’t mean sacrifices shouldn’t happen, but ask yourself at what cost to you. Sit down and write a letter, a love letter, to YOU.





If you chose #3 – Hansel – SURVIVAL – You are being asked to find a clever way to reinvent yourself. You’ve been in survival mode way too long, and there is more for you.  You probably even know that, but you may feel emotionally paralyzed. You are shrewd and wise, but your fears have gotten the best of you. This card says it’s time to find your team of people. It might be a therapist, life coach, or simply talking to your best friend. Know that you are always one step away from what can harm you, and partnering with another, sharing your fears and dreams, doesn’t make you weak.






If you chose #4 – Sleeping Beauty – AWAKENING – There are harsh truths out there in the world. Some have been told or shown to you and they have been real truths, but not all of them. There may be something from your childhood, maybe someone that told you or made you feel that you aren’t good enough. You aren’t good enough to do this, or that. Or you feel (falsely) safe with the blankets over your head and watching the world go on without your gifts and talents. Yes, climbing out of that safety net is scary and makes you vulnerable. You are not cursed. You have the opportunity to release any guilt you may have. This sometimes is fear of failure or fear of success. You’ve felt this awakening for awhile, but now is the time to try.

I believe in you,
Kristy Robinett

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