Soul Sick: Sleep Doesn’t Help When Your Soul is Tired

Soul Sick: Sleep Doesn’t Help When Your Soul is Tired March 16, 2017

whenyousayyesAre you SOUL sick? Soul sickness can cause anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and an array of negative energy. It can cause insecurity and make you doubt your life path, make you wonder if throwing in the towel is easier, and second guess your sacrifices. Sleep is disruptive, dreams are scary, and life feels harder than it should. It can make your cold worse, your injury ache more, your relationships suffer, and leave you feeling depleted and lonely. Not everyone has every symptom. Not everyone has all the symptoms, and nobody has the cure. I do, however, believe that the SOUL sickness is all about the SOUL awakening, and once you see the beginning signs you can begin your healing.

This energy has been around for the last couple weeks, and for some months, and will be here through the weekend as we combat Scorpio energy. Typically a very confident time, instead this one is riddled with insecurities, doubts, and frustration.

Believe me when I say that everyone goes through a sad time that can’t be necessarily explained. My husband isn’t a fan of my “I don’t know what’s wrong!” explanation when he sees me this way, because most people on the receiving end want to help fix it and it’s hard to fix if you don’t quite know what to fix.

7 things that can make your soul feel sick
  1. Not being true to yourself
  2. Saying yes when you really mean no
  3. Giving of yourself when you are empty
  4. Negative self-talk
  5. Feeling as if your purpose is unfilled
  6. Engaging in petty arguments, gossip and being around toxic people, online and in real life.
  7. Surrounding yourself with clutter, both physical and mental

Often we bandage the illness with a smile and push it deep down, not wanting to come across as weak, but this only continues the pattern of stepping away from your higher purpose and soul alignment. We all have cracks in our souls. None of us are perfect. Instead of beating one another down, being jealous and spreading gossip, the energy would be better spent lifting others up, setting goals and working on oneself. The longer it is left untreated the easier it is for the negative energy to absorb your sunshine and fill it with depression, lack of motivation, and self-doubt.

10 Helpful Tools 
  1. Admit that you feel soul sick. You can do it in your journal, to a friend, a loved one, to a physician, therapist, etc.
  2. Make sure there isn’t a physical issue by seeing your primary care physician.
  3. Take moments in your day and find the love in them.
  4. Be kind to yourself, every minute. If you this is difficult, write down 5 qualities that make you the best you.
  5. Allow yourself to rest, even if you can’t sleep.
  6. Don’t allow others to take advantage of you, because that means you aren’t respecting yourself. And if you don’t love yourself, your life, are kind to yourself or see that other’s are hurting you – find a way, even small and gentle steps, to begin to change that. It is then that you will begin to feel more accomplished, positive and loved.
  7. Create a vision board so that you stay focused forward.
  8. Essential Oils, crystals, and smudging can all help with a shift.
  9. Put down your technology – have a face to face conversation.
  10. Watch a comedy.

When your soul is sleepy it can be difficult to do any of these, but just one step forward is a step forward. You might fall, trip, or feel like giving up again, but you are strong and beautiful and deserve to be happy. There isn’t anything you can’t handle, because your soul is beautiful and not sick at all just tired.

Sometimes this soul ache that you are going through is actually a good thing because it gives you time to reevaluate what isn’t healthy. It gives you time rest for your upcoming leap. Just make sure you know that it’s okay to take care of YOU and for me to take care of ME.

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