Finding the Thanks in November – Oracle

Finding the Thanks in November – Oracle November 19, 2017

We all need a bit of insight in this busy world. Take a deep breath and choose a card. You might sense, you might hear the number, or just know which one to pick. Which one do you choose?

Which card did you choose?

card1If you chose #1 – FOUR OF AIR – A lull in the action offers a chance for you to dream even bigger than before. Whenever plans turn out not to have come to fruition as expected,  feel secure knowing that even greater things  await me. The universe conspires on your behalf, and disappointment and sadness will wash through you if I simply let them flow. Trust that Spirit has many ways of responding to your desires, and what you seek can take a variety of forms. Have faith in perfect timing and divine order.


9offireIf you chose #2 – NINE OF FIRE – You are right on the edge of something, so don’t give up! It’s time to channel your fiery, feisty side and stand up for what you believe in. What you have set out to do is important and it is worth fighting for. If you feel tired at the thought of doing this, ask for help from the many people that support you. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. The Nine of Fire is here to let you know that you have the strength, passion and resources to move forward with your goals. You will be able to use any setbacks or obstacles as a way of growing and propelling yourself forward.

aceofearthIf you chose #3 – ACE OF EARTH – When the Ace Of Earth appears in your reading, it represents a time of change and new beginnings on the career and home front. This change is driven by a desire for financial security and independence for yourself, or for those for whom you are responsible.

It is a time to make preparations and plans for the future so that you are not challenged or placed under stress by the changes that are coming. What do you want to do with your life? What career path will allow you to to both meet your responsibilities and be fulfilled. Are you more interested in financial reward than seeking a vocation or career that will stimulate you and make you happy?

It is time for you to think of the outcome you desire. Do you need to further your education and qualification to create more financially rewarding opportunities?

A new beginning founded in practicality and pragmatism – this is the energy of the Ace Of Earth. It is time to be grounded in your approach and seek tangible outcomes that meet your desires. Determine your weaknesses and strengths, weigh your responsibilities, and then decide whether or not they fit with your goals and objectives. Also, be sure to consider the impact your decision will have on those around you. Be certain of your motivation.

If you desire a safe and secure environment that is free of financial stress, then now is the time to consider building a solid foundation.

fortuneswheelIf you chose #4 – FORTUNES WHEEL – It refers to the fact that things tend to go in cycles. There are good times and there are bad times. The lesson of the Wheel of Fortune is that you must accept that there are always ups and downs in life. If you were to have only good times, you would become less appreciative of what you have. Sometimes the bad times provide the contrast and perspective. Your guides ask that you keep optimistic and use meditation and visualization because they’re worried that you’ve been feeling sad and down. They aren’t sure exactly what you want because you haven’t quite been yourself, so get more decisive about it.

The Wheel also represents karma and reminds you that ‘what goes around comes around’ and it shows that as long as you stay positive and put out good energy, you will be blessed with the same. You don’t always see the karma happen, and it is often not your job to witness it, so just walk your own path.

Kristy Robinett
 (Livonia, MI) is a professional psychic medium and author. In addition to giving readings and teaching workshops, she uses her psychic skills to assist with police investigations. Kristy lectures across the country and has appeared on numerous media sites. Visit her online at

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