Are You Ashamed of the State of the Country?

Are You Ashamed of the State of the Country? February 15, 2018

We had another unspeakable school shooting yesterday. What should’ve been a day of love, turned into a day of fear. My heart hurts that kids can’t feel safe in what should be one of the safest places for them. My heart hurts to see the news reports. My heart hurts that 17 parents, and maybe more, won’t be tucking their child into bed tonight, or ever again. My heart hurts.

School should be a safe place. So should your own home, your own neighborhood, your own mall, and the concert you attend – but it’s not. Some say we need gun control. Some say we need better mental health awareness and help. Some say we need better social media monitoring. Some say we need better politicians. Everyone has an argument or opinion, but it seems nobody has a follow thru solution.

When your house is a mess, do you give up and move away? Do you roll up your sleeves and start cleaning it? Or do you ask experts to help you manage it? Our Country is in need of more people who roll up their sleeves and more experts who are allowed to do a job. Our Country is in need of less talk from the citizens and more do. Our Country is in need of less shame and negativity and more healing and deep scrubbing. I’m seeing so many proclaiming their shame. Stop being ashamed of your ‘house’ and start working at fixing it up.

I want to believe that we won’t continue to be the dog-eat-dog world we’ve become. Where this wild-wild-west mentality has become everyone wanting to be the sheriff and nobody wants to be a deputy because that means getting their hands dirty. There’s a lot of talk, but talk is cheap. Often times that one step is with yourself. It is with your family, friends, local school, local community, etc. There is no small step, just steps. There’s no try, there’s do.

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