March On Full Moon

March On Full Moon February 26, 2018

Are you feeling the crazy energy yet? This March 1st Full Moon is in Virgo, which can make many feel a bit unsettled and super emotional (we will actually have two full moons in March). Virgo projects a powerful energy of self-doubt in all aspects of life, which can make the most confident person want to pull the blankets over their head.  The best way to deal with this moon is to hide. Okay, not really but you may feel like that is for the best. If you can’t do that, do your best to avoid conflict, negativity and to be aware of communication and interactions with others, and that inside voice in your head. 

For several days beforehand and a couple days afterwards you may feel as if you aren’t in control of your life and as if someone stole your life’s GPS. Blasts from the past may challenge you, in both a physical and emotional way. So, if you out at a bar and you see your ex with a sexy someone, don’t make a scene, even in your head! These encounters might be hurtful and emotional, but Full Moons are all about release. We so often bury the past instead of let it go.  It’s tie to let it go. Full Moons are about releasing and this is a powerful one to remind us to do just that.

Although this Full Moon may spotlight more negativity than positivity, on the surface, just know that sometimes the story in your head creates several flying monkeys and wicked witches when there are really none. So change your story, and make sure to not make yourself a victim.

Things to do during this Full Moon:

  • Watch a Comedy
  • Go to Yoga
  • Focus on solutions
  • Journal
  • Make a Vision Board
  • Listen to your Inner Voice
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Smudge your surroundings
  • Write down what isn’t serving you and burn the paper
  • Nurture the relationships that you want to nurture

Things to NOT do during this Full Moon:

  • Start arguments
  • Taking other’s negativity personally
  • Focusing on problems
  • Surrounding yourself with negative people
  • Talking about serious things (money, politics, engagement rings, etc)

By taking some extra time to understand what others are saying to you, and what you are saying to you, you will survive this Full Moon.

I believe in YOU!



Kristy Robinett is an Intuitive,  Psychic Medium and author of many books. She loves anything sparkly, fuzzy socks, chocolate ice cream, cuddly cats, old Victorian homes and hugs from her husband and four kids. To set up a private session, visit Visit Follow her at Twitter @kristyrobinett.


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