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What I Need January 31, 2019

I’ve been busy hibernating this month. Not because of the frigid temperatures but because I rang in the New Year on the wrong side of 2019. I didn’t purposely manifest it, but I dragged the heavy luggage of the past with me to this year. Then I spent time trying to sort it like mismatched socks. Its been frustrating and sad, eventually causing illness and then another, and a couple hospital visits. I don’t share this for pity, but because I know many going through the same thing.

Yesterday a physician asked me what I would tell my client if I was that person in front of me. Of course I smirked at her in response because she knew exactly what I’d say, but the knee jerk response of “easier said than done” is a fall back excuse (even though I almost said it to her). If life was easy, nobody would be sad or depressed.

I wrote my friends this morning and wanted to share some of what I wrote –

There’s some odd energy going around. I thought maybe it was me just being overwhelmed by circumstances, but I’ve spoken to physicians and psychiatrists who have an interest in the paranormal/spiritual and well, there’s something wicked. It’s as if evil is injecting it into the soul and spirit of those who try to be a flashlight in the world. Instead of feeling alone or pulling away, let’s hold on to one another.

The Universal energy has been strange, especially since the full moon a couple weeks ago. It’s made those typically happy, sad. Those frustrated even more frustrated. The weight of the world feels even heavier and whispers that it won’t get better. And we have to fight the energy and keep holding on. There will always be life circumstances that try and trip you up. We’ve all fallen, but we can all get up and let the wounds heal instead of picking at it.

This morning I meditated with my journal and wrote down: “What do I need?”

It’s so easy to ask and answer “What do I not need”, but that only accentuates the negative. God (Universe), angels, guides, and your loved ones want to help you place your order for your life. You don’t call the pizza place and tell them everything you don’t want on your pizza, do you? You tell them what you do want. Start reviewing, manifesting, and willing what you DO need and want into your life.

Just know that it’s okay to not be okay all the time. Not everyday will be a good day, or every week be a good week. Or in my case, month be a good month, but it certainly makes us appreciate the better days when they come.

I believe in you,
Kristy Robinett

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