Memorial Day

Memorial Day May 27, 2019

Memorial Day – a day to memorialize our fallen brothers and sisters in Arms. I saw a post this morning shaming others for celebrating the day. “It’s a day of remembrance, not a day of barbeques,” the person wrote in opinion. Those on the other side have expressed to me repeatedly that they’d rather their loved ones find joy in their days rather than finding them in deep sorrow on any given day. Sure, they like to be remembered. They like their life story told as it means their life here in the physical was for something. But stories are created through living the moments.

On this Memorial Day some like to think of it as a day they can finally wear white pants/shorts/shoes. Some are officially opening their pool, jumping in the lake, firing up the grill, and celebrating the beginning of summer fun. Others are cleaning graveside stones while others are waving their little flag at a small-town parade. Ice cream is the favored dessert, and sparklers will be lit.

It’s those who paid the ultimate sacrifice who gifted us this day. So if you want to spend the time with your family and friends by making memories, don’t feel judged, there is no tally in heaven for how you spent each one of your Memorial Days.

Kristy Robinett

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