February Intuition

February Intuition February 4, 2020

Ready to choose a card? By using your intuition choose ONE of the five Life Purpose cards to see what you should be working on in February. Note that all of the backs are the same. Take a deep breath and ask your angels and guides which number to choose. {Feel free to share!} – Kristy Robinett

Which card do you choose?



If you chose #1 – SCHOOL – If you chose #1 your guides and angels say that school is or should be on your mind. It might not be for you, but a significant other or a child. If you’ve been thinking of going back to school, now is the time to look into that seriously. If you are worried over finances with regards to education, this card shows that an unexpected amount may very well appear to help pay for it.

If you chose #2 – JUSTICE – If you chose #2 your guides and angels say this card signifies that your soul’s purpose involves protecting others from unfairness. You would find satisfaction in careers involving meditation, law, political science, city planning, security and so forth. You may even blend spiritual aspects into your career—such as healing work combines with conflict resolution, for example.

You have natural leadership and delegation skills and others look to you for direction and guidance. You honor and respect the responsibility accorded you and you are highly respected as a result. The angels ask that you continue to trust your heart’s guidance as you career evolves and changes. Heaven knows where you are most needed and will help you with Divine assignments that can put your skills to the highest ad best use. This card could also signify getting taxes done or other legal contracts (real estate, will, etc), and making sure that all your Ts are crossed.

If you chose #3 – TALK TO YOUR ANGELS – Instead of worrying, ask for Divine guidance. This card serves as a reminder that you can ask your angels for help and guidance in any area of your life, including your career and finances. You most likely drew this card because you have been worrying or complaining lately. The angels teach that worry never improves any situation and may actually worsen things through the Law of Attraction. Fortunately, you can turn an worry into a prayer. That is change a low energy worry for instance, “I don’t know how I am going to pay my bills”—into a positive prayer such as: “Thank you , God for helping provide for my family’s needs, “ or “Please guide my steps so that I make money in meaningful ways.”

Prayers allow God and the angels to intervene in your freewill choices. First, they will boost your mood and faith, such will help you feel happier and more peaceful. Then they will lend you aid in miraculous ways, such as giving you intuitive urges to take certain action steps. Together, you and heaven co-create the answers to your prayers. Please always remember that your Creator wants you to be happy, healthy and safe, just as any loving parent does. You like everyone, deserve to be helped so that you have the time and energy to devote to your life purpose.

If you chose #4 – CAREER CHANGE – You are embarking upon a career that brings you the joy and abundance you desire and deserve. This card comes to you as validation of your feeling that it is time to change your career. As much as you have grown tired of your present vocational track you have also wrestled with insecurities about making the change. You have worried about finances and other aspects involved with this decision. Fortunately, the angels want to let you know that the are helping and supporting you!

Instead of focusing on what might happen in a negative sense, allow yourself to daydream about positive possibilities. see yourself fully immersed in a meaningful career, making a wonderful income and succeeding in all that you do. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning excited about the workday before you. These are all very real possibilities, if you are willing to go along with your internal guidance.

The angels will guide you intuitively one step at a time so please don’t get ahead of yourself and make sudden moves. Instead stay fully immersed in the present and commit to doing your best. Your career change may be gradual, with you initially delving into another field on a part time basis. It is the light at the end of the tunnel that helps you stay positive about your present moments.

If you chose #5 – WRITING – Through your words, you help people heal. It could mean you’re poised to write a novel, poem, or e-book… or could include proofreading or editing the work of others. It could mean that you need to journal. Spend time in the quiet and ask your angels and guides how writing might need to be utilized in your life.

I hope you had fun with these!


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