The Calm Amidst the Storm Insight Oracle

The Calm Amidst the Storm Insight Oracle March 11, 2020

Oracle Cards are an excellent way to listen to your guides and your higher self, and sort through the confusion. We are bombarded by real life that we forget to take a minute to tune in. Oracle can help reassure. They can help renew  and they can help remind you of your inner strength. These cards were drawn from the Archangel Raphael Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.Take some deep breathes, look at the below cards, and choose the card that most speaks to you.

Which card speaks to you?



If you chose #1 – INNER AUTHORITY – Archangel Raphael sends this card to encourage you to use your own power and authority in this situation. The healing angel sees that you’ve been giving your power away to others and ignoring your feelings. It’s time to make your own decisions, stand up for yourself, and speak your truth! Raphael will hold your hand throughout this experience, empowering you and giving you courage.

You’ve been confused lately because of differing opinions and advice about what you should do. This card serves as a reminder that you must take the course of action that’s guided by your inner voice. You truly do know the best path to take, even if it means interacting with intimidating authority figures. In the long run, they’ll respect you more for taking charge.
Possible Specific Meanings: Get a second or third opinion • Assert yourself • Trust your intuition • Give yourself permission to do what you want • Make the live change you’ve been dreaming about. My Prayer: Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for supporting me as I take back my power and listen to my intuition, desires and feelings.

If you chose #2 – LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE – Archangel Raphael reminds you that worry and stress never help any situation, but laughter and prayer do have curative effects.  He’s here to help you see the humor within the human drama so that you can detach and lighten your heart.  Raphael realizes that it may be difficult for you to smile right now, but there’s always big release felt after a good laugh.  So – with your permission – he’ll help you smile and laugh more often. Possible Specific Meanings:  Notice examples in nature that remind you of God’s great sense of humor • Watch a favorite funny movie • Give yourself permission to have fun, especially knowing that laughter is an investment in everyone’s wellness • Pretend that you’re a reporter, viewing your situation as an objective outsider: What do you find humorous or ironic? • Start a daily laughter quota, and vow to laugh a certain number of times per day as your Divine prescription. My PrayerDear Archangel Raphael, thank you for reminding me to detach and find the humor and irony within every human drama.

If you chose #3 – YES – The answer to your question is YES! You probably already knew this, and Archangel Raphael wishes to validate your intuitive feelings.  This card is a talisman to help you deal with current situations and prepare for the future.  Sometimes the greatest gift you can receive is knowing what to expect next.  Raphael reminds you that everything can change in more positive directions, so stay open to your intuitive wisdom, which will guide you along the way. Possible Specific Meanings:  Things are going in a positive direction • You’re on the right path • A recent change proves healthful • Accept an offer that was made to you • A new opportunity is imminent • Yes, your feelings are accurate. My Prayer:  Dear Archangel Raphael, please help me trust my feelings as the accurate barometer of truth.


If you chose card #4 – CALL UPON ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL FOR HELP – The healing angels want to help you, yet they can’t violate your free will.  So this card is a reminder to ask for Archangel Raphael’s healing help for everything that you need assistance with.  Raphael is an unlimited being whose sole purpose is to bring God’s will of peace through physical and emotional health.  So it’s his pleasure and purpose to help you with your healing concerns.  However, you must ask before he can help you.  So ask! Possible Specific Meanings:  Remember to ask Raphael for help with every detail • Notice and follow the Divine guidance that you receive, as a way of co-creating the answer to your prayer • Keep asking for help until your prayers have all been answered • Don’t tell Raphael how to help you; just ask for help and let heaven figure out the best method to assist. My PrayerDear Archangel Raphael, I ask for your healing help with [describe your situation].  Thank you for your Divine healing intervention.


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