July New Moon

July New Moon July 21, 2020

The New Moon is in Cancer which makes us feel even more. Oracle is an amazing way to hear the messages your guides are trying to tell you. This deck is Magic of Flowers by Tess Whitehurt and you can purchase it here. I love the beautiful imagery and the companion book is amazing.

Which card calls out to you? You might hear a number, or one looks different to you. You might just have a knowing. However your intuition nudges you, know that the message is for you. Which card calls out to you?

Which card calls out to you?



If you chose #1 – MAGNOLIA – Now is the time to stand in your power and embrace your true identity. Your past isn’t yours to carry any longer, and the limiting beliefs can be released to make way for a new now. Draw upon your wisdom, the wisdom of your guides and ancestors, and the ideas you had a child. Magnolia asks that you dig in the wisdom of your past to discover the beauty that is you.

If you chose #2 – DATURA – Now is the time to evaluate your motives. Are you being honest with yourself, your action steps, and your words? Are others being honest with you? This is a digging deep time. The saying that  ‘Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me‘  applies with your inner work. Believe them the first time they show themselves to you and trust your intuition. Now this time is also making sure you aren’t fooling yourself into believing everything is okay. Or everything is not okay. It’s time for some truth.

If you chose #3 – SUNFLOWER – Now is the time to focus on success. Look at how far you’ve come, and although it would be nice to sit there and savor in all that, this is the time for movement and action. Mountains still need to be climbed, but you are ready to effortlessly embrace the challenge because you should know that the outcome will be a positive one. This is the time to show up and commit to what your heart and soul have been yearning for.

If you chose #4 – YARROW – So many fears surround you. Some are true. Some are the kind that you create in your mind that stop you from forward movement. Do not allow another person or situation to drain you of your trueness any longer. Stand in your power and ask for help. Help from friends, family, peers, professionals, and most of all the divine workers that want to help make you feel protected. Challenging energies can be draining and lower your vibration so that attract more of the people and situations of the same kind. Yarrow helps with the healing.

Kristy Robinett (Michigan) is a revolutionary psychic medium, international author, and inspirational speaker. In addition to giving readings and teaching workshops, she uses her psychic skills to assist with police investigations. Kristy lectures across the country and is a frequent media commentator, appearing on the ID Channel’s Restless Souls, Fox News, ABC News, Coast to Coast, and more. Kristy Robinett is also the author of several books, including Journey to the Afterlife, Tails from the Afterlife: Stories of Signs, Messages, and Inspiration from your Companion Animals (Llewellyn, March 2018); Messages From a Wonderful Afterlife: Signs Loved Ones Send from Beyond; It’s a Wonderful Afterlife: Inspiring True Stories from a Psychic Medium; Forevermore: Guided in Spirit by Edgar Allan Poe; Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium; Higher Intuitions Oracle; Ghosts of Southeast Michigan; and Michigan’s Haunted Legends and Lore. Visit her online at KristyRobinett.com.

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