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My Corner of the World July 22, 2020
I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Normally ambitious, I’ve been less than. My days have been mostly “Ground Hog Day-like” in my corner of the world. My schedule is routine with waking up in the morning (a good start), taking a shower, eating a quick breakfast, completing sessions, eating lunch, taking a nap, doing some  housework and/or gardening, watching some television or reading a book, and going to bed. Then repeat. That same ole routine has weighed heavy on me over the last couple weeks and I’ve felt a sense of guilt. I have a book due to my publisher, but I’ve not felt inspired enough to write. I have some great ideas for a fiction project, but I can’t seem to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. I have closets to clean, a painting project I’d like to do, a garage to dig out, and so on, and yet I can’t seem to find a reason to make time to do it. I don’t feel depressed, but I am less than motivated. I miss my friends and family, my clients, and summertime fun that we all look forward to with plans during the winter (especially when you live in a winter climate area).

As I gave my garden a drink, swatting away the mosquitos, I felt this overwhelming sense of angels and guides around me. “Look around,” I heard. “Look at the garden you planted several months ago, believing that come summer-time you’d have tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. And the perennials that looked pitiful on the clearance rack at Lowe’s those few years back. Look at how they’ve filled in nicely. And look at that Magnolia tree you planted the year you moved in. You believed one day you’d find shade under that tree, even though it was just a stick when you planted it. Not once did you think you were doing it all for nothing. Not once did you believe maybe you wouldn’t see through your hard work in your corner of the world. You did this all believing in your tomorrow.”

We are all on emotional overload. There’s a lot of stress. The news droll on about bleak updates. We aren’t interacting with the world the way we are used to. Many are having adrenal fatigue, low Vitamin D levels, and sleep schedule changes. There is a heavy load of trauma we are being inundated with day in and day out.

We are all in a storm right now, but everyone’s storm looks different. We aren’t facing the same obstacles so we can’t judge another for what they are discovering in their corner of their world. Some are financial issues, others are divorces, and yet others have deep grief from the loss of a loved one. Although we might not understand what another’s storm looks like, we can hold everyone in love. We can be more patient. We can be more patient with ourselves. We can pray for others. We can help remind others (and ourselves) that worry robs the now and the next moments.

I hope you know that even though you might feel alone, you aren’t. You might not see the sunrise or the sunset, but it’s there. You might not be able to picture your Magnolia tree bringing you shade, but before you blink it will grow and bloom.

I believe in you,


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