Happy May

Happy May May 2, 2021
Over the past couple weeks, there’s been a common theme – burnout. Whether from the pandemic or simply the energy, so many seem on edge. Even those who are typically the most positive. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are all forms of energy and everything we think, feel, say, or do create a reality for our now and set pathways for the future. We are each responsible for everything that happens in our life. It’s a hard nugget to swallow. Those who are miserable or negative often want to blame everyone else. Those going through a tough time often want to be the victim to support their misery. The Law of Attraction teaches us, though, that miserable people will continue to find misery, and happy will find happy. It’s a song calling out more of the same of whatever is being sung out.

If you find yourself burned out and feeling like throwing in the towel, whether the cause be from your career, friendships or relationships, or you might be feeling guilty because everything is going right in your life (that happens too), it’s your sign to turn off the noise of the world to re-balance your soul. Spend some you time. Put your hands in the dirt. Get a massage. Or take a bubble bath. Pick up a book. Before you know it you can get back in the game stronger and braver than before. Small changes are so often more rewarding and long lasting than huge leaps.

The most important thing is to pay attention to your heart and make changes accordingly.

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