Brief Prayer to Adilene

Brief Prayer to Adilene March 24, 2013

[For a bit of information about Adilene, here are two stories about her. She is a Greater Spirit of the Westernlands and watches over all devotees. Her preferred flowers – as both offering and symbols – seem to be cherry blossoms and lotus, especially Nelumbo nucifera.]

I am heavy and seek to cease wandering;
in the dark I call to the star of the earth,
buried and burning still, protector of the flame –

lead me forth and lead me to love.

by Margureite Sauvage


This is sort of relevant to yesterday’s post, though we’ll see where the ramble ends up.

Adilene reminds me we each have a place. Her stories remind me that sometimes circumstances are beyond our control, but we can still do our best to find our place even then. Her life was changed by the Firebird. She continued going. When I pray to her, I am always filled with great strength and perseverance. I can keep going no matter the circumstances.

My life is…different than I thought it would be. There’s a line from one of my favorite shows that goes, “I’ve been knocked into a different life.” Except, for me, it would be more accurate to say, “I knocked myself into a different life.” It isn’t a horrible life – I have a younger brother who I can read books to and a mother who is compassionate and tough, but that doesn’t change that it wasn’t what I expected and sometimes I get frustrated with that.

Getting frustrated doesn’t do much for me. Oh, it’s good to know I am frustrated and want a different life, but sitting around growling doesn’t do much.

So I pray to Adilene and step each day to make the life I want – a different one that I expected, but one that makes my eyes light up with joy.

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