Linkage March 22, 2013

Another short blurb today – I’m trying to blog more frequently over here, but my schedule only allows for longer posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays – but I’m hoping to fill Wednesdays and Fridays with little posts.

I’ve gotten linked to some excellent posts today, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

John William Godward, The Favorite, ca. 1901, Oil on canvas

First, Making Bright over on WordPress. Be ready for some lengthy and excellent posts. Nellethiel is an excellent writer, grounded, and incredibly compassionate – seriously amazing human being. Her latest post, part of the Pagan Blog Project, can be found here. She writes words I wish I could say. She is also a moderator over at the Pagan101 Tumblog (as am I) – submitting resources would be awesome, as we’re trying to establish a friendlier community over there. I’ll be commenting more fully on Nellethiel’s latest post tomorrow.

Back in February, Dver over at A Forest Door wrote this wonderful piece on not taking shortcuts. Dver’s writings always help me remember that we need to keep trying and diving into our Work, never ceasing, never becoming complacent.

This post over on Grumpy Lokean Elder is a great primer on how to research. Yes, research takes time, but it is so worth it – and if we’re people of books, as so many Pagans and polytheists like to say, shouldn’t we get reading?

And, finally, being completely self-serving, I’m linking to my own entry for the Pagan Blog Project – this time a myth on the fall of two stars that would become one god of the Four Gods. I’m actually really pleased with this short piece, and I have to extend endless gratitude to my editors and reviewers. Though next week’s PBP entries on my blog will focus on spirits rather than gods, I’ll still be posting tidbits over on my tumblr account.

Thanks, and be awesome!

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