Gratitude [1]

Gratitude [1] March 21, 2013

[Briefly: Sam Webster has another post up, and it’s been made clear he’s going to spend more time talking about Christianity rather than any form of Paganism. Seeing as how my only reaction to his post would have been nonsense fandom references – mostly about how Les Miserables fic incorporates Bible quotes into the most incredible queer stories, so quoting the Bible don’t mean a whole lot – I decided to just leave. I’m interested in my religion and its cousins, not cherry-picking and misunderstanding another person’s religion.]

Today was one of those days where I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. We’ll see how well that turned out later. I’m not surprised that my energy is running high now that clouds are blanketing the sky above me and keeping out the harsh sunlight that marked most of this week. The endless blue may be pretty, but she isn’t the sky I need. I need the grey and black.

This post was going to be about boundaries and how Pagandom steamrolls boundaries. There were a lot of topics stewing in my mind, all with a tinge of anger and frustration. All my anger got spent on Tumblr, though. So all the anger-tinted topics are pushed to the side, and I pursue a different path today – one of gratitude.

I’m also grateful stuff this cute just exists, in general.

I’m grateful for all the birthday wishes I received. I’m grateful for the gifts I received and the love given to me. I am grateful for the reminder from a friend that, “Everything is okay at the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

I’m grateful for the rush at the coffee house that keeps it going. I’m grateful for the laughter the cashier shared with me and how he rolled his eyes at my particular order and had it ready before I walked in. I’m grateful for the hush of the cafe and the wide windows that display tents ready to sell goods, because that means business. I may not favor the rush of people, but I’m grateful for it.

I’m grateful to the spirits for gifting me more stories, and I am grateful to my friends who work with the spirits for keeping my feet on the ground. I am grateful to my community for reminding me to question always, and I am grateful to the support they have offered. I am grateful for the trials I have been given.

I am grateful for the music around me and for the chance to walk and dance (badly) today. (And I must remember that being grateful does help, and no matter how cheesy, if it helps, who cares.)

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